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Friday, March 5, 2021

Green Bling is The Thing

 Sorry for the title. . . couldn't help myself.

Happy March! 

First - The Most Important Thing: 

Get Lucky Shamrock Sale through the month of March in the ksyardbird Etsy shop. Everything with even a hint of green is 30% off! And, as always, free U.S. shipping with no minimum purchase necessary. That's what I call Shamrockin' Lucky!!

Second - The Second Most Important Thing:

Hopefully you all have made it through the mad snowstorm (so much for Mother Nature being full of love in February, eh?) with a warm, dry roof over your head. My heart goes out to those of you still dealing with the wintry aftermath. May you find glimmers of happiness and a lucky shamrock among the weeds and rocks. 

With March upon us, it's time to look for all things GREEN in my personal forest (and Every-freaking-where, as far as that goes.) 

I truly wanna see no more white for quite some time.

And with all that search for the green (of all varieties - plants, and blings, and moneys, and things. . . ) it's especially lucky that St. Patrick's Day and all of it's lucky shamrocks and green beers and ALL THE GREEN that seems to go along with celebrating the day is near upon us. We all could do with a little celebrating, but not too much. Not quite yet. But, getting there. 

In the meantime, Get Lucky, Go Green, and get you some 30% off Bling in the ksyardbird shop!!

Have a Green Bling kind of day,

Robin Z

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 It's February - the month of love

And by love, I don't mean Valentine's Day stuff like flowers, chocolates and smoochy cards just on February 14th. 

By love, I mean, be kind to one another. Every day. All year round.

Let February be the month that reminds and encourages each and everyone of us to:

Love one another,

Love ourselves,

and SHOW it!!

To show my love to Blingy Peeps far and wide, pop into the ksyardbird Etsy shop for an All.The.Love Sale!

Throughout the month of February, everything red, pink, or otherwise heart-y is 40%. And, of course, as always, free U.S. shipping on every purchase!

Have a February full of love kind of day,

Robin Z