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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beautiful Blinged Up Box By YOU!

I. Love. It!!! And I just can't wait one more day to show you the end-results of *our* project. . . . You are all were a part of this creation. . . a sweet little old box now blinged up and holding blingy parts. . . SUPER SWEET!!!

I went with the old rusty water hydrant handle, an over-sized rhinestone (missing one rhinestone, in fact) button up high on the top. . . I think it shows off the curves that the creator cut into the wood nicely. On the front, I wanted to keep it simple to really show off the old wood, chipped paint, and rusty nail heads. I dug around in my parts stash and came up with an old somewhat rusty skeleton key (to my friend who prefers her keys to face downward, I'm truly sorry. It just fit so nicely and framed that front cut out that I couldn't help myself) that fit wonderfully!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nesting with Nests

All the holiday decorations have been packed away for a little while now (no more bright red or pink ornaments and hearts for another year) and there's some time before pulling out the Easter decorations - so what to do in between? Do you have special decorations that aren't part of any holiday? A collection of bottles? Or tin toys? Or????

I have nests.

Why nests? With a name like 'Robin' you either hate it and do your best to avoid it, or you embrace it and run with it. Once I outgrew those school days of nicknames, I learned to embrace my name as a part of my favorite time of the year - Spring.

And I LOVE decorating for the warmer months. I tend to lean toward more muted earthy tones - browns, soft yellow, robin's egg blue (of course) cream, rustic-white. . . bird nests fit into this aesthetic beautifully!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting Corny for Dip

Do you have a favorite dip or snack food? One that is your 'go-to' for all kinds of occasions. Or maybe it's something that the kids *insist* on having at every get together or holiday meal or any-ol'-day-of-the-week??

At our house, it's Tex Mex Corn Dip.

Monday, March 2, 2015

This Sweet Box & I Need YOUR Creative Help!!

Let's have some F-U-N!!!!

I spent Friday at a fun arts-crafts-antique market in Joplin, Missouri with a friend of mine. While I left many (oh! Still swooning over the table top printer's cabinet that still had all of its drawers. siiiiiighhhhh!) treasures there - I did come home with a few special items.  One little box spoke to me. It said - 'take me home and love me.' So I did. . .