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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beautiful Blinged Up Box By YOU!

I. Love. It!!! And I just can't wait one more day to show you the end-results of *our* project. . . . You are all were a part of this creation. . . a sweet little old box now blinged up and holding blingy parts. . . SUPER SWEET!!!

I went with the old rusty water hydrant handle, an over-sized rhinestone (missing one rhinestone, in fact) button up high on the top. . . I think it shows off the curves that the creator cut into the wood nicely. On the front, I wanted to keep it simple to really show off the old wood, chipped paint, and rusty nail heads. I dug around in my parts stash and came up with an old somewhat rusty skeleton key (to my friend who prefers her keys to face downward, I'm truly sorry. It just fit so nicely and framed that front cut out that I couldn't help myself) that fit wonderfully!


And up on the wall with my No. 5 birdie that was a super-special gift from a friend and my two reclaimed wood and metal wall treasures from Rubbish to Rubies.

I LOVE looking over at my Corner Creation Station and seeing the new wall collage. . . Always fun to change things up :-)

But let me back up a bit. . . . It all started with this (plain) sweet box you see below. . .ummmm. . .  well, wait.  It actually started with a trip to an always-full-of-great-treasures show put on my 2 Friends & Junk in Joplin, MO and my affection for wooden boxes - especially wooden toolboxes & small printer boxes (you can check out a few from my ever-growing collection HERE)

THEN I came across *this* box.

This little rough hewn, paint rubbed, obviously handmade and well-loved, but apparently eventually abandoned, box and I *saved* it. But it needed something. . . just a little something. Not a complete work over, but more of embellishments to show off all of its years of being loved and to prepare it for all the years of love to come. And I turned to you for help.  I gave you some options and ideas (you can see the original blog HERE ) and you had opinions. . . I LOVE that!!!!

The more popular bling-ideas that you suggested included these:

Oooh. . . and all VERY good choices indeed. In fact, this last pic inspired me to add a little something to one of my toolboxes that's used to hold 'parts & gadgets' in the studio.

Seems quite fitting considering I'm usually dreaming up something when I head over to dig through the treasures it holds. . .

Thank you, my Favorite bLiNgY Peeps for helping me spruce up not only a sweet little box, but another toolbox AND a corner in the studio. You all are truly inspirational!!

Have a bLiNgEd Up kind of day -

Robin Z

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