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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Treasury - Festive Bird Style

Just a few cool Etsy finds to make that holiday table more cheerful at your next dinner party. . . of course - it includes birds!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

'Hey Sweet Festive Bird -'

Have you heard?
Etsy finds make us able
To set a cheerful table.
Tweets are especially dear
During winter time of year.
It is a winner
With you at dinner
For added holiday cheer. ~ Robin Z

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Treasury Tuesday - Get Blown Away

Starting a new tradition around here. . . I've been having so much fun with creating Treasuries (check out my last blog post) that I decided to make it a weekly event of not only putting together a themed collection full of creations by artists found on Etsy - but also sharing that Treasury with all of my favorite blog-following friends.

This week's poem and collection of artsy fun is in honor of the magnificent (not necessarily in a good way) winds that we've experienced in Southeast Kansas and many other locations across the U.S. over the past month.


'In Light of the Risk of Blowing Away'

I do believe inside I will stay.
But don't worry, it'll be a good day
with Artsy Etsy with which to play,
the blues will be kept at bay.
No worries.I'm more than okay! - Robin Z

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Talk Treasuries

As you know (by that nifty box over there to the left) I have my ksyardbird shop on Etsy where you can find most all of the Treasures that I create in the ksyardbird Studio.

Go ahead - click on it and look around I'll wait. . .

~*whistling and tapping foot patiently*~