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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Talk Treasuries

As you know (by that nifty box over there to the left) I have my ksyardbird shop on Etsy where you can find most all of the Treasures that I create in the ksyardbird Studio.

Go ahead - click on it and look around I'll wait. . .

~*whistling and tapping foot patiently*~

Hey! You're back. My shop's full of some pretty cool bling, eh? Oh, you can tell I'm proud? I am!

But Etsy is not only a place to buy and sell all kinds of wonderful handmade and vintage items, it's also a community. A kind of 'pay it forward', 'share the love', 'help each other' kind of artist/business owner community. There are forums and groups and tutorials to participate in, contribute to, learn from. We visit each other's Facebook pages, '♥' each other's shops and creations, become friends, and create Treasuries.

An Etsy Treasury is a collection of items relating to the curator's selected theme - whether it be a color (red), holiday (Christmas), or theme (dogs) - to provide another way for a shopper to locate that perfect item. As an Etsy seller, it's an honor to be found, selected, and included in a Treasury (did you see my pink pebble earrings?) - in other words - YIPPEEE! You feel so doggoned loooooved:-)

In the past month or so, after having been included in several Treasuries over the past couple of years of being a part of the Etsy community, I decided it was about time to remember the good manners I was taught and 'return the favor' by creating some Treasuries of my own. So now, in my Treasury list, not only are there some collections that include my Bling, but there are some that I have created! I feel like a Real Participant!

And not only do I 'shop' and select each every item seen in each collection - but I (me being me) decided to do something a little above and beyond. . . fun. . . a little 'kitchy' and cute. . . I include some sort of self-composed poem or anecdote (didn't know that I was so freaking talented, didja?) to add another dimension to the theme of all the wonderful creations included in the collection.

Now, I want to share these Treasuries with you. . .and as I've made several already, I'm going to play catch up. . . but, from here on out, I do solemnly promise to post each and every Treasury (complete with its 'story') right here for you to enjoy (and I KNOW you will!).

Without further adieu, here is (insert drum roll) Robin Z's (more drumroll) latest Treasury (and the crowd goes wwWWIIILLLLDDDdd) that was just created and posted today!

'Wistful Days of Autumn' by ksyardbird

Days of Spring may have gone
While the warm weather chatter muted
With sweet vibrant hues rooted.
The time, it won't be long
Til the birds return to sing their song
And flowers awake to dance along.
For now, shop Etsy and carry on.
Carry on.                    - Robin Z

Hand Blown Glass Pendant Nec...

Crochet Ribbed Cowl - Rainbo...

Ostrich Feather Rainbow Purs...

Chainmaille Flower Ring - Bl...

Colorful Feather Earrings - ...

Double Rainbow Crystal Fairy...


Rainbow Feather Resin Bangle...

Rainbow Necklace. Nature Fin...

Peacock and Pink Feather Hai...

Handmade Black Leather Appli...

Little rainbow bird

Rainbow 30X30 Play Silk, Pla...

Rainbow Treasure Box - Swirl...

HALF PRICE Rainbow feather b...

Scarf. Felted Scarf. Nuno Fe...

Since it would take entirely too much space and your reading glasses would get fogged over (don't be offended. . . I'm wearing a pair right this very second) if I included all of the photos found in each of my other treasuries - I'm going to just include their titles, little story/poem, and a link. A happy little, sweet and effective linky-poo for you to click on, at your leisure, to check them out on the Etsy site itself. A virtual shopping trip, as it were. In your fuzzy slippers. . . ♥

In return, if you contact any of these wonderfully talented Etsy sellers I've included in my Treasuries, and/or you purchase from - let them know that you found them through one of ksyardbird's Treasuries on the ksyardbird Blog. Then you'll be a participant too. How awesome cool is *that*?!?!

 It’s easy to understand why
To the south you will fly.
I would too if I were a bird.
Sadly, I’m one only in word.
So my flight I must buy.
Sigh. . .     – Robin Z

 Have you any caw?
Yes sire; Yes dame,
Three beaks full.
One for thy nest,
One for thy night,
And one for thy Trick or Treater running home with fright!  – Robin Z

1. I don’t lay eggs;
2. I only wish I knew Batman – ahem, of the Robert Downey, Jr. variety;-)
3. My last name isn’t ‘Hood’;
4. & I ♥ all the robin-y things you can find on Etsy!!

Have a Treasure-ful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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