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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Slushify a Rough Day

Ever have one of those days?  One of those non-stop, not-going-your-way, full of difficult decisions and seemingly never ending detail laden kind of days?  Yup.  That was today for me.  Simply put - Tuesday, June 29, 2010 was, well. . . Full Of It!

The first step was to simply throw my hands up in disgust, get my butt out of my office chair, stand up straight, force a smile and walk out.  Yup.  I walked out of my office today.  Left phones ringing and e-mails unanswered.  Enough was enough.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stepping Up to the Concrete!

Hooray!  It's done!  It's done!  It's done!

Well. . . the *entire* project is not done - but the patio is ready for anything!  Which is a really-really good thing as a summer tradition has started in our backyard called Blues, Booze, and Blazes.  And that's exactly what it is with neighbors and friends and (I'm sure it'll happen) a couple strangers dropping in through the gate as well.

Even though the money seemed a little steep out of our pockets right now, the fun we've been having and the enjoyment that slab of concrete is giving us. . . priceless!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Set in Cement

Or more technically, *ON* cement.  Or concrete.  What's the difference, you ask?

"Concrete should not be confused with cement because the term cement refers only to the dry powder substance used to bind the aggregate materials of concrete. Upon the addition of water and/or additives the cement mixture is referred to as concrete, especially if aggregates have been added."


What a wacked out 'definition' difference. . .  Whatever.  So, I guess I helped carry bags of cement today, in preparation for making concrete tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Brisket, oh Beautiful Brisket!

You are going to LOVE-LOVE this!!

Hubster makes a brisket that's simply dreamy-delicious!  I'm not really much of a beef lover (please don't hold that against me) - but he most converts me *every* time when he makes his brisket. . . or prime rib. . . or steak. . . or. . . Okay, I can see you're getting the idea.

Looks pretty delectable, doesn't it?  Oh - and it was!  It was quite tasty!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oooooh. . . . New Treasures in the Shop

I had a burst of inspiration over the past several days and have been making all kinds of treasures - from cherry-embroidered towels,

to romantic jewelry,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Brussels Sprouts Divine

Yesterday I showed you our sausage-making recipe - all 25 pounds of German Green Chile sausage.  The best part of Sausage Day is having some freshly grilled patties for supper!

But what about that other tasty concoction found on our Sunday Dinner Plate?  No, not referring to the corn - though it was delicious!  We like to 'put up' fresh corn each fall by cutting it off the cob and freezing it.  Makes it so simple to pull a baggie out of the freezer, toss it in a pan with a little water, bring to a boil, then steam for a few minutes.  Add some cream cheese, or butter and ground pepper - so delicious.  But what I am talking about are those green things.  Yeah, those are  Brussels Sprouts

Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Monday: German Green Chile Sausage

Boy Howdy!  Did we ever cook up a storm yesterday!  And not just *cook* but made some sausage and baked a pumpkin-pie style dessert.  So many fresh ingredients abounded in the kitchen - was pretty tastily awesome!

So what about this sausage making, you ask?  We've made our own sausage for quite a few years.  It all started with idealistic plans of self-butchering a hog.  Yes.  Butcher it with our own knives in our own garage.  Well. . . maybe I should back up even a little further. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seriously!! Back it Up!

I know. . . I know. . .I haven't been around much.  I really haven't gone anywhere - just seems the details of life have been attacking me from every angle and worn me down to a nub barely left to function.

Sadly, my beloved 'stash of life', otherwise known as my laptop, crashed and burned of a fatal heart attack on Tuesday. 

To top it off, I had not been a responsible computer owner and had not backed it up for six months. . . Considering my office-work is on there, along with website data for customers, 100's of personal photographs, programs, music, files, contact information. . . My Life - how could I be so careless and irresponsible?

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Good Place to Be

Last week was nonstop -most of it outside!  I LOVE the spring and summer and am glad when the sun wakes me each morning.  I can't wait to go outside and just gaze at the yard, watch the birds, enjoy the warmth of the sun on my back, and contemplate what I should be doing to justify NOT being in the office.  I can usually find *something* to do.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let Them Eat Jack - Cake, That Is

Birthday Time in our house!  I LOVE that my Birthday is not only in the spring, but also within a few days of a 3-day weekend.  What a great time to get friends and family together, have some BBQ ribs, drink a few margaritas, and. . . EAT CAKE!

This year, Hubster truly outdid himself.  With 'gentle' hints and 'persuasive' conversations (the poor guy didn't even have a chance.  Honestly) the Birthday Cake of all Birthday Cakes was the shining morsel of the party.

Hubster and J-boy picked the cake up Friday afternoon and were originally going to make me wait to see it until our BBQ on Saturday. But it was just too fabulous to wait!  Here it is still in the box: