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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oooooh. . . . New Treasures in the Shop

I had a burst of inspiration over the past several days and have been making all kinds of treasures - from cherry-embroidered towels,

to romantic jewelry,

to dainty refrigerator magnets!

If you watch that little box to left that showcases my latest items in the ksyardbird shop - you'll probably have noticed that it's been different pretty much every day.
There's so many more OOAK treasures of all sorts in the ksyardbird shop .  Be sure to check everything out. . . and tell me how you got the 'heads up' from the ksyardbird blog, FB page, or Twitter and I'll give you free USA shipping!

I've got to get back in the studio and bring more of my musings, mutterings, and creative muddle to life. . . leave me a comment if you've got an idea that's just begging to be brought to life.  I would love to create a OOAK treasure that's all your own:-)

Have a OOAK day ~

Robin Z

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