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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seriously!! Back it Up!

I know. . . I know. . .I haven't been around much.  I really haven't gone anywhere - just seems the details of life have been attacking me from every angle and worn me down to a nub barely left to function.

Sadly, my beloved 'stash of life', otherwise known as my laptop, crashed and burned of a fatal heart attack on Tuesday. 

To top it off, I had not been a responsible computer owner and had not backed it up for six months. . . Considering my office-work is on there, along with website data for customers, 100's of personal photographs, programs, music, files, contact information. . . My Life - how could I be so careless and irresponsible?

We have a new hard drive coming and a thing called a hard drive enclosure that just *may* (cross your fingers, sacrifice a squash, and think positive thoughts) allow the data to be moved from the "faulty" hard drive to a healthy one.  I certainly hope so.  My stomach turns knots just thinking about losing all those memories.  Oh, and work info too, of course! 

So, it's simply not mattering to me right now if it's rainy or sunny; or leftovers or gourmet.  Everything is just bland and dreary right now.  Hang in there with me.  Parts are supposed to be here next week.  Better days are ahead!  Right???  Now to just stay positive until everything gets here and is hooked up on Tuesday. . . or Wednesday.

In the meantime, I have kidnapped Hubster's laptop and am making the most of what I have to work with.  So far the 'boss' hasn't noticed my lack of computer. . . . if you happen to see him - don't say anything, okay?

Despite this black hole in my cyber world, honestly, Life is Good.  Frazer says so!

Have a backed-up kind of day ~

Robin Z

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