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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bird-i-fying A Lovely Tray

Sometimes inspiration can take awhile to strike. . . and sometimes what you thought was a great idea. . . turns out to be not such a good idea. And sometimes, things just come together. Those are my favorite. When you have all these parts - in your stash, around the house, or being used in another way - and they all come together into a pretty cool thing. That's pretty much how this particular project came together.

I love trays. If you've ever visited the studio (or your follow along on Facebook as well as this Blog) - you'll see trays of all shapes, sizes, colors, styles. . . and while some are more display (like this one), than utilitarian, they all get used at one time or another for some special purpose.Just sitting here at my desk, I can see 10 trays - some in use, some just hanging around, and a couple others stacked and waiting to be grabbed.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lovin' on Spring!

 Know what I love? Spring. Summer. Warm temperatures. Sunny Days. Blooming flowers. Tasty veggies. Fragrant herbs. Dirty hands. Clay pots. Patio furniture. Wind chimes. Chirping birds. Being outside on a warm sunny day, listening to the birds sing, getting my hands dirty, and potting plants.