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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bird-i-fying A Lovely Tray

Sometimes inspiration can take awhile to strike. . . and sometimes what you thought was a great idea. . . turns out to be not such a good idea. And sometimes, things just come together. Those are my favorite. When you have all these parts - in your stash, around the house, or being used in another way - and they all come together into a pretty cool thing. That's pretty much how this particular project came together.

I love trays. If you've ever visited the studio (or your follow along on Facebook as well as this Blog) - you'll see trays of all shapes, sizes, colors, styles. . . and while some are more display (like this one), than utilitarian, they all get used at one time or another for some special purpose.Just sitting here at my desk, I can see 10 trays - some in use, some just hanging around, and a couple others stacked and waiting to be grabbed.

Robin Z received this 'frame-tray' for her Birthday (thanks Jane!) last year. . . Only there were pictures of those mysteriously happy stranger-people in each of the spots - and they had to go.  I thought about swapping out with my own happy (with not-stranger people - LOL!) photos. . . but wanted to do something just a little different. Though not permanent so I could mix it up and change my mind later if I was so included;-)

But what to put in those five 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 slots *NOW*? Hmmmmm. . . Several months later and Ta Da!!! Inspiration struck - some creatively cut embossed scrapbook paper to fit each slot and a collection of awesome 3-D, semi-sparkly stickers (LOVE stash-shopping) - and it all nested together:-) 

I initially removed the tray-sized glass and set aside. The background of each slot is created from a single piece of earthy-green scrapbook paper (which is, incidentally, smaller than the tray size) with an ever so slight grid pattern and edged in a glossy brown series of swirls and curly cues.

  With the tray laying bottom-side up, I removed the back and I worked on the backside of the photo dividers and to arrange and secure the scrapbook paper with scrapbook adhesive. It was quite the challenge to get the paper cut in such a way to show off the curli-cues to best advantage AND create the illusion of it being one piece of paper. I finally decided to start in the bottom middle, and use my craft knife ever so carefully to cut each piece to show off it's design 'just so.'

Once the paper was in placed precisely as I wanted it, I put the back on to secure everything, and flipped the tray over to arrange my birdie bits.

The stickers - Susan Winget designs called Botanical Robin manufactured by K & Company  are created by layers of cardstock for a 3-D effect. A few, like this nest, have a rhinestone for a flower center.

The 3-D egg stickers all have a whisper of glitter on them.

Some of the card stock stickers have a wee paper flower embellishment like you see in this cute little 3-D birdie.

Stacked simply, the eggs are framed by the curli-cues and become the focal of their own frame. I really really like how strikingly simple the two egg stacks are. And how well the placement of each of those squares further frames the birds. Yup. I'm in love with this!

Once all the stickers were secured, I gave the glass covering a thorough polishing and replaced it. With the small gap created between the paper backing and the glass top - the 3-D stickers really have some depth!

I had also initially toyed with the idea of painting or distressing the tray - perhaps even giving it a 'distressed soft gold gilding' on the edges. But, in the end - I liked it the deep brown-red that it is.

Though each frame is different, together they create a cohesive (the same background in each frame) collection of related items. And the *bestest* part? Not only was everything from my goodie-collection, but, all put together the tray is an even more personalized and special gift that makes me think of Jane every time I see it. ♥

Have a Special Bird-i-fied Tray Kind of Day -

Robin Z

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