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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Pearls Have It

Pearls. . . Wonderful, Lovely, Beautiful, Amazing ~ PEARLS!

I have many (let me stress - MANY. Like, quite probably millions or even zillions) semi-precious, glass and metal (even a few precious gemstone) beads in the studio. And while I have many beads that I adore working with. . . my all-the-time, in-every-way favorite is, without a doubt, pearls. Sweet and Shimmery Pearls!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shelving the Shelf Idea

Re-fabbing black floating shelves to make them look like bronzey-black metal. That was the plan.

I've been in the midst of updating my studio now that  I finally have REAL worktables (no more folding  tables for this birdy) and they've been set, organized and in use. HOORAY!  I decided some floating shelves would be just the thing to display and store my myriad of trays when they're not in use. And I had three shelves in my stash just waiting for a purpose! Scoooore!

A few weeks of pondering, piddling, and painting. . . They're beautiful, aren't they? 

But they're not going to work the way I had envisioned. Sighhhh. . .  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Totally Tabled aka Getting the Studio Together

Oh! The joy! The Joy!!! The J-O-Y!!!!

As many of you know, Hubster and I relocated to Northwest Arkansas in January of 2016. As some of you may NOT know, I have been using white. plastic. folding. tables. in my (beautiful) studio. Ugh!

Not to diminish their usefulness and their dedication to all the projects that they've seen over the past year and a half - but. . . well, an upgrade was definitely required, IMHO. And mine is the humble opinion that counts.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Typewriter Key Blingity-Bling Bling Bling

What's new in the ksyardbird Studio? Oh, so So SO much!!! Like Typewriter Key Blingy Jewelry!!!

A couple of my Very Special Blingees wrote me from Alaska and requested that I create some special jewelry for them ~ something they hadn't ever seen in the ksyardbird Etsy shop ~ they wanted treasures made with typewriter keys.