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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Upcycling a Vision to a Fancy Costume

It all started with an idea. . . Less than vague, abstract,  and definitely not concrete.   I would describe Halloween 2013's first glimmering of a costume as more of a vibe or a concept; a blurry illusion of hmmmmmm. . . .

Being a traditionalist, as well as a habitualistic, I stuck with my typical black. . . But this year, I added some red and stepped it up a notch from just wearing cat ears or a Mardi Gras mask.

My vision included lots of upcycling, destashing, and outright creative maneuvering of:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embracing Autumn

As much as I *L♥VED* my summer decor - as the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and the days get shorter - it's time for change.

Out of the four seasons we experience here in Southeast Kansas, Fall is #3 on my list. . . just not one of my favorites. And, as far as Halloween goes. . . it doesn't quite make it to my top 3. But, being that I like to decorate, and the last time I actually decorated was nearly half a year ago. . . change is good!

Start with a few books carefully selected from my bookshelves and add a small trinket. . . Then move on to a favorite ghost