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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embracing Autumn

As much as I *L♥VED* my summer decor - as the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and the days get shorter - it's time for change.

Out of the four seasons we experience here in Southeast Kansas, Fall is #3 on my list. . . just not one of my favorites. And, as far as Halloween goes. . . it doesn't quite make it to my top 3. But, being that I like to decorate, and the last time I actually decorated was nearly half a year ago. . . change is good!

Start with a few books carefully selected from my bookshelves and add a small trinket. . . Then move on to a favorite ghost

To greet guests

Hubster got in on the act with helping me select chrysanthemums for my metal buckets I use every year on the front porch

To complement pumpkin 1. . .

That complements pumpkin 2 & 3 (according to the protective witch).

My new cabinet in the living room is lending it so well to being decorated for each season (Only Christmas is left to try. . . )

The hand woven, antique laundry basket is my favorite place to keep filled with seasonal silks. . . and a witch hat when the season is appropriate ;-)

My sparkly crow found a new cage this year

And a new view.

For whatever reason - the shelf of this cabinet inspires the mood of the rest of the decorating theme. . . Jars, test tubes and sand and birds and interesting stands and things all seem to display whatever I choose in a most satisfactory way

This vignette on the coffee table started with sea blue candles, matching eggs, and sea shells. . . they look just as beautiful with beautifully painted porcelain pumpkins

Though I do wish the one in the tall urn was a bit taller. I have a clear glass hurricane from another candle that may do the trick to raise it. . . but not sure I would like it. For now - I'm quite satisfied.

Have you ever seen my hand-formed spider webs. The artist of The Dusty Raven uses barbed wire and makes some amazing designs!!

The dining room always seems to get the most amount of decorating. . . The china hutch,

with a quick change of candles, candle rings, white bird to black, and add a couple of really cool metal pumpkins. . . all ready for fall! Couldn't leave a fun plate without it's own eye catching spot

The dining room table sets the mood for lingering soup dinners and hot cocoa kind of afternoons.

And my beloved buffet. another great place for some heart warming holiday display. . .

even if it does involve ghosts;-)

And spiders (my own creation using vintage glass buttons and wire. . . a take from my button rings.) under glass. . .

Interested in adopting a button spider or two? While Madame Spider and Sweet Sally shown here on not available, there are more that would love to be your very own Special Spider!

And as we make our way up to the ksyardbird Studio that, alas, is NOT decorated (birds and nests and eggs and BLING year 'round. . . with a wee touch of Christmas when the season arises) we see the witch's shelf with her sparkly black pumpkin, spell books, a bottle with her special concoction, and the pretty amazing witch herself.

I'm so grateful to have so many wonderful places to find so many great Autumn / Halloween decorations that not only keep my house festive, but make me feel so warm and fuzzy - even when it's not necessarily a warm and fuzzy time of year - at least to me.  Thank you Feathered Nest, Winfield House, Jody's Attic, Celebrating Home and so many other artists, craftsman, antique and gift shops. Check 'em out and be sure to tell them that a 'little bird sent you.'

Have an Autumn-ful kind of day -

Robin Z

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