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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Pearls Have It

Pearls. . . Wonderful, Lovely, Beautiful, Amazing ~ PEARLS!

I have many (let me stress - MANY. Like, quite probably millions or even zillions) semi-precious, glass and metal (even a few precious gemstone) beads in the studio. And while I have many beads that I adore working with. . . my all-the-time, in-every-way favorite is, without a doubt, pearls. Sweet and Shimmery Pearls!

Pearls come from mollusks (most typically certain varieties of oysters) that are irritated. Seriously. If a wee-bit of sand gets inside an oyster's shell, lacre (which makes up the oyster's shell and is made with minerals from the oyster's food by the mantle) will build up around it to help protect the soft tissue of the oyster from being (too) irritated.  How cranky this may or may not make the oyster, I don't know. All I know is that I LOVE pearls! 

Most of my Blingy creations (especially necklaces) are either pearl-focused,

include pearls in the design with other semi-precious gemstone, glass and even metal beads,

or have the 'token' pearl or two for a pop of Pearl-essence.

Pearls are available in every hue imaginable - some natural, some dyed - AND many different shapes and sizes. I have a heart-stopping (in my pearl-loving opinion) selection in the studio (that dreams are truly made of).

I've got itty-bitty white rice-seed pearls like the ones in this glass locket,

to large (and small) stunning white round pearls,

to button-shaped peacock pearls,

to the ever-friendly round pearls in red,

and natural cream rose pearls.

I call these 'oilslick'  pearls.

(this necklace is especially fabulous with the matching smaller 'rice' pearls in the metal focal).

Then there are the 'coin-shaped' show-stoppers.

(Did you notice that 'stacked double' coin? Unusual, right?)
How about 'stick' and rectangle (some more than other) pearls?

Some of my favorites -of all my favorites - are the highly baroque, or 'rough' pearls in shades of white with undertones of pink, blue, gray green from the layers of lacre.

Aaaaah. . . .pearls. . .
Wonderful, Lovely, Beautiful, Amazing Pearls. . . 
How I do LOVE thee!!

Message me if you have a pearl-filled dream. I'd be delighted to make it come true! My studio is FILLED with pearls just waiting for a project. . . so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from and I'm *always* excited to create pearl-bling.

Giving big ol' THANKS to oysters for sharing their irritation with me and my Blingees!!

Have a Pearl Kind of Day ~

Robin Z

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