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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bling of A Kind

It all started with a heartbreaking message from a very sad Blingee and a (now broken) necklace (no thanks to airline security) *sad face*.

"Can you please make another one just like it?!"

And, sadly, my answer was 'no.' Almost all of my creations are One of A Kind and I only have bits, parts, pieces and beads enough to make one. Though, sometimes I can make more than one. . . sometimes. maybe. But not this time. Sigh. . .

So after some brief commiserating, I began brainstorming options and we moved on to plan B(for Bling, of course!) While the new necklace wouldn't be the same, it would be the same idea" Three pretty beads dangling from a large ring.

We got this! <3 p="">
First things first, Blingee had to pick which ring (that was glass in the original necklace, but going to be metal in her replacement) that she wanted the beads to dangle from. AND she had to pick which beads made her heart go pitter-patter (the original ones were some very lovely lampworked beads).

Would she choose a combination of dotted Czech glass? Aquamarine? Agate? Crystals? Prehnite? Turquoise? Or???? Oh! OH! The options!

Down to the blue agates and the green and clear crystals. But definitely the darker ring. Now we're getting somewhere.

And the winning beads are?? The Blue Agates! It was decided they had more of an Italian or Spanish feel while the crystals had more of a French or German air about them. . . and she was leaning toward the vibes of Italy. So agates it will be!

Add a few accent beads here, attach the chain there, get it all together and

A very Happy Blingee with a replacement One of a Kind necklace!

It's all about the Bling.

Have a One of a Kind Day ~

Robin Z

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