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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Feathering a Pretty Darned Good Office

Though I spend LOTS of time in the ksyardbird Studio (and outside spray painting and around the house decorating and wandering around my forest snapping pics) - I also spend LOTS of time in my beautifully cozy little office.

It's not a large space, and it doesn't really need to be, but it's a wonderful place 'feathered' with my favorite things - books, birdy treasures, and lots of robin egg blue.

The built in birds eye maple bookshelves were so much fun to fill with books; books from my childhood, books I've yet to read, and books that were too good to not keep,

and accent with statuesque birds,

and vases with dried flowers (I was so crazy pleased with how these hydrangea dried. Sadly, I haven't been able to get any others to dry as beautifully. But I'll keep trying!),

and nests. . .

The top of these built-ins is a perfect place for some of my most treasured Treasures to perch; like these truly unique and antique atlases - one from a friend, one from a Great-Uncle's estate and another from a (very fun) southeast Kansas auction.

Here are a couple of dictionaries I've had all of my life and a very special nest painting by my Most Talented Daughter.

This stenciled screen I brought home from a West Bottoms antique store in Kansas City makes me smile, as does the green-tinted vase from a beloved Grandma with matching Pier One candle sticks and a bird cage.

Thanks to some led string lights - these favorite things glow even at night. It's nice to glance in there and see everything lit up (and while you can see the lights peeking out in these pics, they cannot be seen from below).

On the 'work' side of my office is more birds eye maple - a desk and cabinets with LOTS of storage for all the important stuff. . . like this nest I 'crammed' into this footed box frame I found at a flea market (with a strange little thing mounted in the center that along with some little lights (thanks to a timer, they come on each eve for a soft glow).

The wall above the desk is another perfect place to 'feather' with more of my favorite things - robin egg blue being the main color of interest (of course!)

Did you notice the little blinged-out wall-box there in the bottom left? Do you remember when we decorated it together?
I. Love. It. My camera lives there when it's not 'busy'.

And how about that LOVE sign? Here's something extra-cool about it. I spied it at a Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Bentonville, AR and learned, from the artist, that the bits and parts and pieces were remnants from the (horrible) Joplin, MO tornado. From that, I HAD to have it. So poignant. . . from destruction, things are rebuilt with love for all to see.

And, of course, my metal birdy shelf deserves to be topped by a vintage hat rimmed with rhinestones!

Above the set of cupboards (that house my printer, tote bags and other gotta-have essentials) is, of course, birds, and a bundle of dried baby's breath stuffed candle stick.

They are naturally lighted by the Most Important internet router and modem lights tucked in behind them.

As far as view - looking outside (I am totally enchanted by these embroidered cotton sheers. Hint -soon my studio window will have a matching pair!) to the forest across the street (stopping to check the humming bird feeder right in front of the window and the bird bath a little farther out).

And into the living room - with the fireplace that makes my heart warm in the winter (naturally, the doggy bed lives right in front of the fireplace ledge!).

Fuzzy Frazer wanted to make sure you saw the very cool woven leather rug in front of the book shelves that he likes to sit on (and stare at me. he's sort of a camera hog too. . ).

I am very grateful to have a wee-space 'feathered' with so many objects that make me smile. Sure does make the work I do there (like paying bills - ugh!) not quite so bad. I guess, while it's not my Happy Place like my studio, it's a pretty darned good office.

Have a Pretty Darned Good Day ~

Robin Z

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