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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Forest Friends

I live in a forest.

Well. . . not quite - but I do have over an acre of forest in my backyard and across the road, just like many of my neighbors here in the Ozarks. Nearly every time I look out a window or venture outside I see the wonders of some beautiful creature looking back at me.

We have deer.

A LOT of deer roaming the forests,

grazing our yards,

and munching our flowers and gardens. But, golly. . . they are beautiful to see.

And so very tame.  This one didn't budge even after I turned on the spot-lights.

The dogs don't chase them out of the yard any more. They're seemingly friends. In fact, we had a younger deer that would come into the yard and play with the dogs - just frolicking around with tails wagging.

Squirrels. Yes. There are squirrels here.

The biggest, meanest, smartest squirrels anywhere, I have no doubt. They lurk on the front porch,

And act as though they own the bird fountain on the upper deck.

Squirrels may 'own' the deck during the day. . . but the raccoon family 'owns' it at night.

That'll teach me to forget to bring in the cat food before I go to bed - ha!

I love watching this falcon as he soars over the trees - was thrilled when he stopped and struck a pose in my backyard.

We have several hummingbirds who flit from the various feeders we have all around the yard.

There's also Mr. Hoot Owl who roosts in our forest. I'm looking forward to the day when I can actually get a photo of him. He will sit around all eve HooOOooting as the sun goes down.

And spiders. 

With beautiful webs ON the house. 

We have an agreement - if I can't reach it, it can stay. And as long as it doesn't interfere with my satellite TV...

Cicadas tend to be partial to our front yard (and I wish you could hear them, with their buddies the tree frogs, crooning and crowing to the point of needing hearing protection during the peak of summer. Not even kidding! It is Crazy LOUD!)

Sometimes, usually late-summer and early-fall, a random bright green leaf-hopper decides it's a good idea to climb the second story picture window.  

And the walking sticks that end up on the deck and the front porch. Poor creatures - why do they do that?!?!I would think they'd be MUCH happier out in the green grass and trees. But what the heck does this human know?

There's always the random moth that decides it wants to come in to watch TV with me.

Which reminded me of the gorgeous blue butterfly that visited last year (

And how about this mysterious albino frog hanging around on my front door glass.

So much more wildlife lives in the Ozark forests aka our backyards - it's truly an adventure looking out my windows and sitting on my deck every single day (and night - LOL!)!

Have a Forest Friend kind of day -

Robin Z

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