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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Prettifying with Pumpkins

I'm not a huge Halloween decorations kind of person. I don't like the scary stuff. I tend more towards lots of bottles and potions (and a couple ghosts, of course) kind of fare. My mantle shows this year's Halloween 'laboratory'

that makes me grin every time I catch a glimpse of it. I'm also in love with the time-less velvet & rhinestones witch. I made a costume a few years ago that catches my alter-ego perfectly and warms my heart whenever I think of it.

See more of it HERE)

Thank goodness it still fits as it is TOTALLY my go-to costume for all those Halloween parties and dress up venues.

But, interestingly, beyond that, I'm all in with pumpkins. Let me clarify - I'm NOT a fan of the traditional color variations of pumpkins (thank goodness for those green-gray and white ones

and for the fun idea of stacking them!). Otherwise - it's pumpkins as usual in the little red wagon. . .

And keeping Bird Girl 'balanced' in the front garden.

Or the fun wood and metal one greeting visitors as they pull into our driveway

and come up to the front porch during the day

complete with purple mums in the Jack boots!

And at night??

Love. It!!!!! and I love the velvet pumpkins

and 'witchy odds and ends' on the bench by the front door

See that hat??? That's part of my witch costume just hanging around waiting for me to grab it and cast a spell or two!

Then there's the basket of various porcelain and 'fake' pumpkins, antique Americana glass and metal bird, and a covered candle on the dining table. Not so much Halloween-y as totally Autumn!

A wee-collection of pumpkins on the kitchen bar keeps the theme pumpkin-y.

Mixing my love of the chemistry side of witchery and pumpkins of fall is this spread on one of my favorite cabinets that has all eyes on it at any given time during the day.

And, it appears, there are a few loose spiders that enjoy chemistry (and pumpkins) too!

You can read more about these Sweet Spiders (did you know they are made out of wire vintage buttons by Robin Z?) HERE.

I love all that glittery goodness!

The office terranium has a favorite 1/2 shiny, 1/2 matte (wait for it. . . ) GREEN pumpkin!

Of course, there's at least one bird cage involved in all this pumpkinery. . .

Yes. It's a brown pumpkin with cream swirls and matching birdy. Maybe orange is over-rated for pumpkins???

And maybe pumpkins are over-rated in bird cages anyway.

Corn wants a little attention too!

Pumpkins, and birds, and potions and witches, and oh my!!!!

The Ouija board says -


Have a Pumpkin-filled Day,

Robin Z

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