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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Peace, Love and Bling

Every year I pull out my carefully packed, stacked and stored tubs loaded with all kinds of winter holiday decor and decide which of the treasures are going to escape their confines for the month of December (and, let's be honest - a bit longer than that!)

Last year was our first Christmas in our Arkansas home and many treasures found new homes. And now, our second year, a few more things found new homes, but it was almost spiritual to truly embrace my everyday nature theme and only decorate within that idea.

I kept colors my preferred neutral - white, silver, soft gold, with a few pops of color (pink poinsettias,

my softly-colored angels, the red accents of my favorite winter bunnies,

my favorite robin's egg blue)

I even pulled a white coverlet out of the trunk to use as a treeskirt - which matched the rhinestone rimmed vintage hat / tree topper perfectly!

Letting the real spirit of love and wonder shine throughout, as my leafless backyard forest fills my picture window, just seemed to be the balm my soul is needing this year. Even after I wrapped the windows in greenery, the sense of calm from the neutral sparkle of the holidays is holding my heart warm and full.

Holidays are hard for so many people. All those things that sprinkle our minds daily with a bitter taste ~ such as the loss of a friend, family member, job, life ~ seem to amplify with the bright lights and high expectations of the winter holiday season. By filling my space with soft colors and shine, my own holiday spirit is allowed to shine through - complete with it's tarnish and rust instead of being dimmed and over-shadowed by the falsity of the overly bright lights. There is beauty in all of it.

Today I embrace all that is good in my life, my family, and the world around me - I acknowledge the rough edges of my history, my losses the planet. . . and, somewhere in the middle, my heart is full of shiny gold stars, sparkly white ornaments, and shimmery silver baubles.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Bling during this winter season, and every single day of the new year - and your life.

Have a Spiritful kind of Day ~
Robin Z

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