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Friday, January 18, 2019

Bunches of Blingy Bracelet Stacking

Wearing lots of bracelets or necklaces (or both to be Extra Blingy) is such a fun trend!!! Stacking your favorites is ALWAYS acceptable - whether they are 'related' or not - only rule is It Should Make Your Heart Sing (and put a smile upon that beautiful face of yours)!!! Mix those metals! Mix those colors! Be happy! Be blingy!

Well. . . .mostly, but. . . .

If you're struggling a bit with the whole idea and would prefer for things to be a little more matched - let me help!

Three bracelets.

Each different.

But the same metals. . . antiqued silver.

And the same accent colors. . . rainbow-y (aka 'AB' aka aurora borealis) deep blue black.

Then THIS happens.

They work, despite their differences, because of their related designs (floral and plain) and colors.

Did you notice that one bracelet with an entirely different color?  In this example, a mostly-color bracelet, like this muted jade grey-green Swarovski crystal bracelet adds a spark of added interest without being completely 'unrelated' to its mates. . .

BTW - Even though all the bracelets photographed above are 'stretch' bracelets - feel free to mix it up with all styles! Add a mixed metal cuff, an interesting bangle or two or three to show off accent colors, or even wrap up a leather lace in your favorite color.

A few more examples with other colors and styles.

Fun, interesting, and super-blingy, right?

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Would also LOVE to hear your hints and tips - feel free to comment below. And, PLEASE, show me pics of your favorite stacked bracelets too!

Stay tuned for more layering ideas - next time with necklaces. Sweeeet!!!

Peace, Love and Bling,
Robin Z

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