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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Totally Tabled aka Getting the Studio Together

Oh! The joy! The Joy!!! The J-O-Y!!!!

As many of you know, Hubster and I relocated to Northwest Arkansas in January of 2016. As some of you may NOT know, I have been using white. plastic. folding. tables. in my (beautiful) studio. Ugh!

Not to diminish their usefulness and their dedication to all the projects that they've seen over the past year and a half - but. . . well, an upgrade was definitely required, IMHO. And mine is the humble opinion that counts.

I've been looking and looking for just the right piece(s) of furniture. First I had to decide how I wanted to work in the studio. Did I want an island with walls of shelves for storage similar to my previous studio?

Hmmmm. . . .

After much serious thought - I realized that my space and my Creating Habits wouldn't make that arrangement the most convenient. I really did like the functionality of the white tables. Well, not the tables themselves. . . well, they were helpful. Oh - you know what I mean. I like how my Studio was ARRANGED.

So then I was on the hunt (for over a year) to find not one, but TWO tables. They had to match, but be different lengths, and I didn't want to spend a fortune. We entertained the idea of building - (MAN!), labor aside, wood - GOOD wood - is Expensive! But it was an option.  While we were mustering up the energy to tackle such a project (and Fritzie-kitty continued searching for other ideas). . .


It happened.

Crazy of craziest - I found 'em! Serious. My faith in the impossible has been restored by a clearance room in a furniture store several hours from home.

TWO *matching* tables (Gasp!) Each was 72" x 36" and came with TWO 13" leaves (Bonus.) The price of both tables combined came in right at my original target budget for one (SCORE!). And Super Duper sturdy - even with both leaves in (No. I did NOT dance on them. . .I don't care what the salesperson says. )

Luckily, we had our trusty trailer with us so wouldn't have to pay for delivery. The store would wrap, pack and load them. It would just be up to us to unload. (Did I happen to mention each table weighed 3.2 tons? Well. . . mostly.)

We got this.

Once home, it was a couple days before I was ready to 'tear up' the studio and move the tables in.

I had decided that, while my crafty / sewing table could be counter height (which is what both the tables were),

my jewelry table needed to be shorter, more table height. Yup, that meant we got to play with power tools. And turn the 3.2 ton table *upside down* (and right side up again. . . our aching backs!) But we got to play with power tools!!

Hubster and I opted to just cut off as much of the leg as possible, up to the end cross support, so as not to disturb the actual construction of the table (which would require an intensive rebuild. Nobody wants that!). I've already got a comfy adjustable chair and the height of the table came out perfectly!

The 'low' table has both leaves while the 'high' table has one leaf. Love. It. LOVE THEM!

Now to finish putting the studio back together,

better than ever - including actually hanging a few things on the wall instead of just leaning them on my shelves. And perhaps even having a place to display my multitude of trays while still allowing them to be super-accessible. Excitement!!

Oh, in case you were wondering, Fritzie's condo did have to be modified to fit under the tall table. But I don't think she minds. Much.

Lucky kitty did also get a window perch made from the extra condo parts. Can you hear her purring??

Stay tuned for pics of an all put-together ksyardbird Studio - SOON!

Have a Getting It Together Kind of Day -

Robin Z

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