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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Good Place to Be

Last week was nonstop -most of it outside!  I LOVE the spring and summer and am glad when the sun wakes me each morning.  I can't wait to go outside and just gaze at the yard, watch the birds, enjoy the warmth of the sun on my back, and contemplate what I should be doing to justify NOT being in the office.  I can usually find *something* to do.

It's raining today - the storm came in hard and heavy (full of lightning and thunder) at 5 a.m..  Whew!  Was it loud.  Sometimes I couldn't even get a count of 'one' in between the flash of lightning and the boom of thunder.  The windows really rattled!  The rain gauge shower 1-1/2". . . and there's more predicted for this evening.  Mud is the keyword here.

Since I'm stuck inside - how about some pics of my 'studio-office'?  And sorry for the shadows. . . it's absolutely night-time dreary out and no amount of lighting perked up the photos without the most annoying of glares.

First. . . my actual 'office':

See those 'books' on the bottom shelf?

TA-DA!  They're actually storage boxes!  Don't you just love them?  Function and look good too - perfect!

My desk is an actual old-time door I found in a hundred year old stone house.  It was such an odd size and had the most perfect natural crackle finish on it. . . Hubster kept trying to find excuses to get rid of it (it was taking up space in 'his' garage) and I kept finding new hiding places (in 'his' garage - ha!) for it.  Finally, after a mere 5-1/2 years, I was ready for it.  A local glass shop cut the heavy glass top and I attached the legs after giving them a distressed white finish to match the door.  Pretty cool, eh?  I LIKE it!

The two 'ends' are leftover from old 'corner' desk.  I found some shelves of the same wood color to stack on top and there is a great work space.  My filing cabinet is tucked into a corner and the printer 'station' (thank goodness of odd-sized closets) is in one end of a closet in this room.  Four steps and I can either be digging through the filing cabinet, or make copies in the closet.

My favorite part of this room is my 'studio.'

Well, okay, this is more of a shot of the path from the doorway to the stairs to the third floor. . . but it does show a bit of where my work area is there to the left.

Ahhhh, there it is.  Yep - lots of shelves and surface.  Unfortunately, by placing my worktable (Hubster's Grandma's old kitchen table from the 1940's) in the center of the room leaves extension cords laying about.  But I like being able to maneuver completely around the table - usually its easier to move yourself than the project.

That's a full length view of the space.  It's a long, narrow room, isn't it?  Take a look at my bench - it's got the checkers board painted on it.  That's where I keep all of my embroidery thread spools for my machine - I just scoot it around to the end of the table and all of my colors are within easy reach.  Found that old piano bench at a craft show and just *knew* I could put it to good use.  It's a great place to sit when working on my jewelry as well.  It allows me to turn around to the shelves behind me for my beads and what-not and gives me  bit of space next to me to set things. 

Did you notice this?

This toolbox used to be my Grandfather's - isn't it nifty?  I love how it sits on top and holds those odds and ends that otherwise would be running around loose.  It's just the right size for my little blue and green 'project boxes.'  Sometimes, I'll get a magnificent jewelry idea and not have enough time to make it right then, or maybe am missing a component or two.  I'll grab one of those little plastic boxes out of my 'box basket', write a description on a piece of paper, put whatever parts I need (and have) in the box, and slip it into Grandpa's toolbox.  Now it's there and waiting the next time I have a chance to work on a new treasure.

And I love those milk-crate-square baskets as drawers.  They make it so simple to keep things organized AND, I can pull out whatever basket I want and easily carry it to the table (or wherever I may want/need the items) while I work on my project.   They are nice and deep and really do hold quite a bit of stuff.

The shelves themselves are those self-assemble ones that come with cardboard for a back.  Instead of using the cardboard, I went to the lumberyard and got some prefinished beadboard-look paneling.  The fellas there cut the large sheet down to the size I need and I just tacked it on the back - looks pretty good, I think.  You can kind of see it behind the books on the bottom shelf.

What's that above the books, you ask?  That's my 'stage' where I take pictures of my jewelry for my 'ksyardbird' shop on Etsy.  Hubster came up with it and it really does work great.  I can just leave it set up with my prop and background and it's ready to go at a moment's notice.  The pair of lights are great for either reducing or creating shadow.  And there's a place for the camera to be secured - no more shaky shots!  Everything is adjustable side to side and up and down and all around - I LOVE it!  Seems it was made perhaps in the 1960's, but we're not entirely sure.  I just know it works really well - Thanks Hubster!

And tucked into the farthest corner is a comfy little 'hang out' spot. 

In fact, Hubster was napping there on the couch while I was writing this blog.  This room has a spot for everyone - even the kitties.  Their tree is right there in the window and if you go back and look on the desk shelves, you'll see a basket on one of the bottom shelves.

This is where Fritzie spends most of her days - just within my reach for a quick pat once in awhile.

Frazer can usually be found either in one of the dog beds under my work table or in the top of the kitty tree.

So I guess when it's not nice enough to be outside, or I have work to do inside, my officer/studio is a pretty good place to be:-)

Have a comfy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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