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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let Them Eat Jack - Cake, That Is

Birthday Time in our house!  I LOVE that my Birthday is not only in the spring, but also within a few days of a 3-day weekend.  What a great time to get friends and family together, have some BBQ ribs, drink a few margaritas, and. . . EAT CAKE!

This year, Hubster truly outdid himself.  With 'gentle' hints and 'persuasive' conversations (the poor guy didn't even have a chance.  Honestly) the Birthday Cake of all Birthday Cakes was the shining morsel of the party.

Hubster and J-boy picked the cake up Friday afternoon and were originally going to make me wait to see it until our BBQ on Saturday. But it was just too fabulous to wait!  Here it is still in the box:

We gave it center stage on our dining room table so all of our guests could see it Saturday evening.  Ironically, most thought it was just a decoration or candle and didn't meander over to take a closer look until they were prodded. . . then we couldn't get them away from the edible creation!

See that little 'birdy'?  If you've ever ordered something from my 'ksyardbird' shop on Etsy, you will recognize that as part of my logo and packaging. . . .The cherries?  I LOVE cherries!  I like to eat them and I like to decorate with them.  They're round and sweet with those long elegant stems popping out of those beautiful deep red orbs.  A very elegant fruit, I would say.

But what about the overall design of this cake?   I like Jack Daniels.  That's my 'monkey'.  Others may go through beer after beer, or a bottle of wine.  Me, I'll have a Jack Daniels and Coca Cola with a squeeze of lime.  My alcohol of choice has become notorious enough at parties for some to even call me 'Jack.'  So a more fitting cake couldn't be designed. . . how sweet is that, Jack?  Look at those ice cubes!

And take a closer look at that label.  A real Jack Daniel's label has a "7". . . this one has "42."  Do you really have to ask why?  Really?  Ummmm. . . .no. . . . That's not my birth year. . . good thinking though.  Yeah.  I turned 42 last week.  How about that?  I am a little bothered by that 'Old' on there. . . . heheh.

Who made this lovely, awesome, tasty, AMAZING cake?  Why, Heather and Roger at Sweet Designs Bakery in Pittsburg, Kansas.  Pretty cool, eh? Phenomenal, is more like it!

Everything was edible on and in that cake except the swizzle stick - how about that!?!  So cool!  We made a pretty good dent in the 'base' cake (so so so tasty!) and I'm now working my way through the 'glass' section of the cake.  Double yum!  A little Jack in the Cake is a very-very good thing :-)

I gotta go get me a piece of cake. . . .

Have a Cakey kind of day ~

Robin Z

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  1. You got some really good pictures!!! I'm glad you liked it. We had a great time making it! Looks like it only shifted slightly with the long drive back. The boys did a pretty good job of getting it home to you! Thanks for the blog...very sweet =).