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Monday, March 2, 2015

This Sweet Box & I Need YOUR Creative Help!!

Let's have some F-U-N!!!!

I spent Friday at a fun arts-crafts-antique market in Joplin, Missouri with a friend of mine. While I left many (oh! Still swooning over the table top printer's cabinet that still had all of its drawers. siiiiiighhhhh!) treasures there - I did come home with a few special items.  One little box spoke to me. It said - 'take me home and love me.' So I did. . .

I love its obvious hand-made design, it's splattered & splotchy paint (my favorite colors!) and the wonderful old vibe it gave off.

It required some TLC - one of the sides had collapsed in, all of the nails are rusty, the bottom had warped and left a large gap in the front. Some tender ministrations with my needle nose pliers, amazing paint scraper (aka nail wedger, paper smoother, sticker peeler. . . . ),  hammer, my super-duper drill

and a couple of new nails (I was able to re-use the two I successfully pulled, but two broke - darn it!)  But now I need your help. I have entirely Too Many ideas on how to add a bit of extra life and bling to this sweet box and just can't decide. I want YOU to help me decide!!

I have LOTS of bits and pieces and trinkets and parts to choose from, and I have narrowed it down, somewhat. So are you ready? Here we go!

1.  A rusty water hydrant handle centered on the top

2. That same water hydrant, centered, but bumped up a little bit above the top edges

Okay. . .

3. Let's add some shiny sparklies - how about this vintage round rhinestone button

4. Or this interesting vintage rhinestone shoe decoration

5a. I'm sure you noticed that little copper 'moments' tag - do you like it below the hydrant or perhaps on the front of the box is better


6. Or maybe you'd prefer a key instead of the hydrant handle and sparkly bling

7. Then again - let's put the key with bling and move the moments tag to the front

8. Or maybe you think I should abandon all of the above and just go with this repaired DREAM mini-plaque

9. Or maybe a bit of all of the above
10. Or maybe something different than any of the above. . .

So many-many options!!! So hard to choose!!!  I just love this little box and can't wait to finish blinging it out and putting it to use (which I haven't decided how I'm going to use it and decorate with it yet - but I will. You KNOW I will!!!)

Comment with your favorites (note the numbers before each photo), or add your extra suggestions then stay tuned for the winning design in a future blog (or follow ksyardbird on Facebook or Twitter for the winning results even sooner). And ~{THANK YOU}~ for the help and suggestions!

Have a Creative Kind of Day!!

Robin Z


  1. I love the rusty bling of the faucet handle and the dream sign ~~ no "sparkly" bling can I see on this darling little piece. I also believe that whatever you end up doing Miss Yardbird it's going to be as cute as a birds beak !

    1. Awwww. . . you are The Sweetest, Faithwalker!! <3