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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The bLiNg of it all!

Recently I was nominated to be a part of a Facebook Art Challenge.

Yes! ME!

To some, this may or may not be a big deal, but, for me, to be recognized and nominated by someone who is friends and acquainted with many well-known and extremely-talented jewelry designers and artists was a HUGE honor. Huge.  And the pressure was on to share only FIVE of my favorite creations and to nominate other jewelry artists. Pressure. An honor. Honorable pressure.

This Facebook Art Challenge was initiated by Donna Greenberg Arts. To participate in the art challenge, I was asked to post a piece of my art jewelry for each of the next five days and nominate another artist daily to participate.  (that's wee-sneak peek you see below. . . a teaser, if you will. . . )

Susan Ray honored me as one of her nominations.
Susan is an incredibly talented artisan who creates treasures ranging from mixed-media jewelry (and has published several books about 'beaded jewelry.) to amazingly realistic model railroad scenes. She's also a very important mentor to me and the brainchild and co-administrator of our Facebook group Crafting Jewelry which now has over 600 members! –Be sure to check it out!

So which Treasures did I share and who did I nominate?  I'll tell you - right here and right now :-)

Day One. I nominated Barb Montague Solem! I admire her artistic eye and varied designs. Would love to meet her in person and take one of her classes one of these days.

This is a favorite of mine – the colors are gorgeous! It was created a while back ago specifically for a friend who was looking for something dressy, yet versatile enough to be worn every day. It can be worn long at its full 37-3/4" length, or wrap it twice for a shorter, chunkier look. Or forget the necklace and wrap it around and around your wrist for a bracelet. Cool! See that charm set? Add it, don't add it - it's your choice. Oh, with that pretty rhinestone studded toggle clasp, you can twist and arrange this necklace with its random aquamarine pebbles, aquamarine tubes, blue-green pearls, silver-blue pearls, mother of pearl ovals, and sterling silver beads of all shapes and sizes to your favorite look. Matching earrings (but not *too* matchy-matchy) will make this Bling Set a favorite. I LOVE-LOVE it!!

Day Two. I nominated Becky Nunn of Nunn Design!Becky has such inspirational components and designs – and the incredible Nunn Design Notebook Blog. I can always count on her to get me out of a ‘Creativity-Block’ fun k:-)

I call this wire-wrapped ring Harlequin Romance. I love love love the design on this mother of pearl button - isn't it gorgeous!? It's the perfect background for a cluster of tiny pink-lavender, peacock-blue, white pearls and sparkly Swarovski crystals -clear, taupe, and soft moss green. Talk about some romantic bling!
It's mesmerizing how they move and change direction and catch the light. Every time you look it, it'll look different. Was so fun making it too! Though there's an extremely good chance I will never make another;-)

Day Three: I nominated Barbara Lewis and her Torch-fired enamel. Her designs are simply inspirational. . . just wait until you see some of her work – WOW!

As for me. . . today I’m sharing my bronze framed clear crystal hearts wrapped in deeply oxidized hand-forged sterling silver wire and dangling from matching ear hooks. 1-5/8" of sheer amazingness. Unique in a simplistic fashion. I love the contrast of the metals with the clear glass. (P.S. These darling earrings are still available for purchase - you can find them HERE)

Day Four: I nominated Patricia Peters. I met Patricia through Susan and apparently we share a love of vintage buttons. In the spirit of this common adoration, I’m sharing a button creation today.

Mixed metals of brushed silver and antique copper are inspired by the watch-fob look of two stacked vintage mother of pearl buttons (complete with a sparkly rhinestone center!). The 31-1/2" silver-tone chain has two copper framed clear crystal hearts and an antique copper safety pin decorative clasp. Classy - with a little vintage 'edge.'  (P.S. This amazing necklace is still available for purchase - you can find it HERE.)

Day Five. I nominated Debby Anderson of Romancing the Bling!
I first ‘met’ Debby a little over a year ago when I messaged her about locating some of her wonderful components. . . and we were instant friends. She’s an inspiration to so many and her love for her art shows in everything she designs.

This is one of my first - and favorite - necklaces I had created with a Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson component. The color of these graduated strung pearls is beyond description. Blues, purples, greens, bronze, brass, silver - some with a milky foggy hue are simply stunning with the sweet green crystals. Closing in the front with an over-sized brassy hook and floral enhanced 'eye' - the charm is simply charming as well. The green faceted stone is framed with a bit of a bronze cap and topped with a lovely deep amethyst crystal. 18-1/2" of love!

Through this marvelous experience, I made some new friends, received some humbling accolades, and am newly inspired in the studio. 

And now, if you'll excuse me - I'm off to play with some shiny beads and sweet charms, funky clasps, and beautiful bits and pieces. Be sure to click on all the links to learn more about the artists here. 

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Have a Blingful kind of day -

Robin Z

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