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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Trimmings. . .

I LOVE decorating. . . I'm constantly acquiring and tweaking and moving around and trading out and getting rid of and, well. . . Decorating:-)

Christmas is always a fun time to decorate.  It's more than just trimming the tree to me.  Pulling out those decorations from years past - with all their memories attached is very special.  The metal presents that reside on the front porch were found one year when the children and I were out shopping for their annual Christmas ornaments.  The little birdies on my studio TV base are my most recent acquisition and came the from the beautiful store where my daughter works.  We arrived for a visit just right as the store was closing so we had a 'private' shopping spree. . . so special!

So, don't just stand there on the sidewalk waving. . .

Come on up onto the front porch. . .

And come on in - no need to knock - I'll meet you at the front door

Care to play some Christmas Carols?

No?  Well, come on into the living room and sit a spell. . .

Love those Golden-Star-Garlands!

Would you like to come into the dining room for a snack?  Oh.  Please don't eat the candy canes;-)

We'll light all of the candles a little later. . .

You really like that Snowman picture, don't you? He comes out only for the holidays.  I love him too.  Was a special day with a sister-in-law the day that he was spotted and purchased.

Oooh. . . let's go outside for a second.

I like my wreath on the back gate so much!  Blue stars and red 'dots.'  I just need to add a little white strand to make it completely patriotic.  Let's pause a moment out of respect for the military families who won't get to spend this Christmas Holiday Season together.

And lights for those backdoor friends

Brrrr. . . it's cold.  Let's go back inside.  I really need to put some more treats in these sweet little pots.

Would you like to go upstairs to the ksyardbird Studio?  Well, let's take a peek at the Christmas tree first.

Isn't that a neat scene?  I'd really give just about anything to find more of those angels.  They make me smile.

And upstairs we go. . .

Those are Hubster's Mom's ice skates and that's my Dad's old childhood sled. . .

A welcoming sign from a dear friend of mine:-)

Yes.  This is in our bedroom. . .

Find Santa in the bathroom??  You bet!

And now the ksyardbird Studio -

Are you keeping count of all the birds? 

 I put these in the cage myself.  They are so sparkly and have such sweet little tags on them - 'hope', 'dream', 'wish'.  It was definitely a challenge tying that 'invisible' string. . . but I LOVE how they move with the least bit of air movement

but they're always facing exactly the wrong way to see the tags.  No matter how I move the cage:-)  These little guys know which way to look

I'm so glad you stopped for a visit.  I hope you enjoyed your tour of our wee-bit of Christmas Trimmings because I sure did have a great time with you!

Bye - bye.


Have a happy memory-trimmed kind of Holiday Season ~

Robin Z

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