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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meow- Meow

I never quite know what my silly Feline-Friends are up to.  Being Russian Peterbalds make them extremely curious, and being siblings adds to the entertainment.  Let's see what they were up to just the other day. . .

Hi Frazer!  Whatcha doin?

Oh, is there something up there on the window?

What do you think Fritzie? Do you see it too?

Nothing there, huh?  Frazer insists there is *something* to see. . .

Trying again, eh?

Well, don't be discouraged kitties.  Maybe something interesting will be on that window next time.

You just don't give up, do you Frazer?

Dude-kitty. . . it's *just* a window!

Have a Meow-ful kind of day ~

Robin Z

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