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Friday, June 1, 2012

Bloomin' May

May was a Bloomin' blur. . .

Hubster on business trips, school out for the summer, college graduation, doctor appointments, Birthdays, gardening. . .

Oh! My! YES!  Gardening! Wanna see what all I was able to get planted? And I must say - from the sidewalk

to the front porch

to the back porch

and patio

most of it looks pretty Bloomin' beautiful!

Wouldn't you agree?

Petunias, dianthus, ivies, pansies, and so much more. . .
And there are herbs - two kinds of cilantro, chives, and parsley. . .

And oregano, basil, and dill.

And grape and cherry tomatoes

Lots of different kinds of peppers - with lettuce tossed in, and surrounded by more flowers. . .

And trying my hand at some cauliflower, again with lettuce tossed in.

How about some strawberries?  Or mint - orange-mint, chocolate-mint, and lime-mint - yummmm!!!!

Even the hydrangeas got in on the act this year. . .

not to be outdone by the lilies.

Also not to be outdone by the infamous Vizslas, Jaz and Zayda - hahahahaha!!!!

Have a Bloomin' kind of day -

Robin Z

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