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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What We Need Right Now Is. . . Some Sparkle!!

During one of the most difficult Holiday Seasons in my memory, it was an extra challenge this year to get into the spirit and decorate my home for Christmas.

Out of the myriad of tubs of red, green, and sparkle just waiting for their turn at showing off, I didn't get out as many of my Christmas decorations as I typically do,

and was very selective in my choices.

I felt as though if I was going to put any effort into decorating, it had to be to not only surround myself with holiday-infused trinkets

But had to have meaning to me

and make me smile.

I felt the need to distract from the day to day and add some sparkle

some color

and some cheer to my world - the world I share with my family and friends.

Good memories needed to be attached. My Dad's childhood sled; one of my husband's relative's old ice skates. . . 

It was especially important to me while decorating the tree.

As it was just me decorating this tree, by myself, for the first time in a very very long time

and many memories from many different Christmases seemed to shroud not only each ornament I selected

but the mere act of putting each on the tree invoked many emotions.

It took most of the day - from assembling the tree itself, wrapping it in lights, and adorning as many branches as possible, with 'special' ornaments - for it to be 'just right.'

During this holiday season, find what means the most to you and let it Sparkle. Bring out the shine and really *let it* SHINE.  

The Christmas spirit is not in the decorations themselves, but perhaps in the emotions surrounding them; in the very act of holding these emotions in your hands and displaying them for your eyes to see and your heart to absorb. 

The holiday spirit is not measured by the amount of decorating you do or do not do, it is measured by the love in which you decorate - do it because you WANT to remember Christmases past, celebrate the Christmas current, and have joyful hopes for the Christmases yet to come.

May your world ~*Sparkle*~ during this holiday season.

~ Robin Z

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