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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Holiday Un-Decorating

Summer. . . Beach. . . Being outside. . . Tranquility. . .

I was thinking the other day, as I took down my Easter Decorations , why don't we decorate for summer? I mean. . . I guess by packing away all the holiday decorations it is a sort of decorating. Decorating by undecorating, I suppose.

But as I got closer to having the decorations from my favorite holiday put away, the more excited I got about the Summer Holiday themed decorating that was brewing. I went to my 'stash' shelves and got busy. . .

In the past post-Easter 'undecorating' routines, it simply meant to take down the holiday-themed treasures, some Spring cleaning and *done.* But this year, I took it a step further, invested in a few new 'thises and thatses' and focused on the Summer Holiday with a rather beachy theme like my favorite room of our home, the Guest Room.

It was exceptionally fun as I had a new large piece of furniture which was delivered shortly before Easter. Though it had been decorated with Easter Treasures, it had yet to really show off my 'real' (everyday) trinkets and larger display pieces like my antique hand-carved horse toy and wicker laundry basket as well as a (one of my many) bird cage, and over-sized candle hurricane set atop a pedestal.

What was truly extraordinary, as I went along, was how much my every day vases, candle holders, decorations, were fitting in with my Summer Holiday theme. Awesome!! I especially love the bottles in the flexible metal stands (the far, larger, serpentine bottles were left empty, while the closer, smaller 'test tube' bottles have actual beach sand and seashells in them) and the 'beehive' metal and glass bell jar / cloche.

The cream of seashells and palest tan of sand combine beautifully with the blue of robin eggs which all plays off the deep brown metal accents and clear glass containers.

The buffet in the dining room lent itself nicely to my summer decorating style.

Cream and white, robin's egg blue, sea green, rustic brown metals. . . birds, fish (that fish plate is the largest of three in the most awesome sea blue-green color I've ever seen), eggs, seashells. . . a very nature-inspired summer at the lake house kind of feel.

A gathering of complimentary treasures with a common theme (in this case, their blue hue) creates an eye-catching collection.  The pitcher is from a sweet gift shop in Eureka Springs, Ark., the 'light bulb' from Jody's Attic in Chanute, KS, the vase from Pier One Imports, the bottle from Celebrating Home, the candle stick from The Feathered Nest in Chanute, KS, the box, tiny glasses, and plants from Summit Hill Gardens located south of Chanute, KS, and the wee-bird is a giftie from my dear daughter at The Cranberry Market in Baldwin City, KS. Several years of acquiring, from all different sources - and look how lovely it all comes together. I LOVE unplanned surprises:-)

The more I moved things around, the more theme-focused treasures I found in my collections like these salt and peppers displayed as my dining room table centerpiece on a trio of wooden cake plates that were found at Terry's Flower & Gift Shop in Humboldt, KS.

And how about these candle holders (they've been a part of my treasures for many years now and just seem to fit in no matter how I'm decorating. a *superb* Pier One find!!) with their creamy candles, and bright blue candle rings from Winfield House in Lawrence, KS. I especially like the seashells around them.

The cocktail table in the living room with these great metal candle urns filled with bright blue 'sandy beach' candles and the metal mesh 'box' (filled with seashells, robin eggs, and rafia) stacked behind it. . . This Summer Holiday theme is taking over!

More birds. . . more eggs. . . antique baskets filled with greenery. . . I even added a couple of seashells on the Scrabble tile holders for some beach-themed fun:-)

And on the window ledge. . .

No more undecorating for me! We're celebrating Summer as a holiday - like an extended beach vacation in our landlocked house.

Have a Summer Holiday kind of day -

Robin Z

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