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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter! Easter! Easter

The trees are leafing out, the daffodils are blooming and the grass is greening up - about darned time winter let go of its reign and is bowing to spring. It's been a long hard winter (at least in my humble opinion) and I'm ready to see some color, enjoy the sun, and be outside!! I've been spending a lot of time rearranging, redecorating, and cleaning off the two porches in celebration of warmer weather. . . but that's all for another blog!

The beginning of my favorite season is Easter. Pastels! And bunnies! And flowers!!! And in my house - Easter is a time for the annual family gathering, food, celebration, and reconnecting. And a time to brighten up the house with some bright, colorful and Spring-like decorations!! The way I decorate each year may change. . . but many of the decorations stay the same.

Bunny slippers from my dear-daughter's days gone by. . . they are now 22 years old and look just as sweet as the day they were gifted to her (and she proclaimed that they were too cute for her feet).

My favorite cabinet. . . It was purchased to house collections and what-nots, but, as it sits in the entryway right across from the front door, it has turned into a seasonal display and is in constant fluctuation. The antique basket, birdhouse, hurricane, and antique gesso horse live on top year round - but always seem to find a way to blend in (did you notice those bunny ears on the horse?).

Bunnies and eggs and other springy treasures inside the doors are glad to be out of their wrappings - if only for a little while. I love the little napkins on the drawers - they were lots of fun to embellish with a few stitches and some buttons.

The open shelf is always fun to decorate. A collection of white clay bunnies, an egg garland, some vintage-looking plates, and a couple of nests.

Yup - that's spring, all right.

The start of a new collection of most-interesting little chickies are captured in a vintage industrial lamp 'globe'

Next to it is an old glass battery with decoupaged eggs. Miss Fritize Kitty didn't want the chickies to have all the fun. . . after all, she thinks she's pretty photogenic too;-)

Naahhh..... I don't think she actually cared what I was doing - she was more interested in the sun spot - LOL!!

Of course, the dining room has to be decorated for the season too! That's where everyone always seems to hang out, right?

How about some fun little topiaries ringed with berried candle rings inside the wire hurricanes. . . then rim a the top edge of a jar candle with a matching candle ring (beware of the flame when burning the candle) for an overall cheery look. I do believe the wood carved bunny approves, don't you?

Above, I modified my daughter's beautiful winter decorations on the chandelier

With a few small changes - and it will go right into my 'usual' seashore style decorations. I'm really excited about that!!!

And the buffet is cheerful and kept to a minimum - keeping it at the ready for a banquet (or two).

As the main focus of a display case is what's inside and I decorate on top too (but not with anything that actually matches what is inside the case. . . hmmmmm. . . I may have to remedy that) I kept the decorations neutral, coordinating with the adjacent chandelier, and ready to have my summertime seashells added when it's time to pack up Easter.

Those little topiaries have been an excellent decorating investment going from one season to the next with little or no alterations. I added the little white burlap bows and they just seem to blend with everything I put them with. Kinda wishing I would have purchased another one. . . or two. . . or three. . . I have lots of clay pots, so I just may create some of my own. . .

I LOVE these old glass door knobs on metal-tile wrapped boards on this wall. They are absolutely a delight to decorate with all kinds of things - or decorative enough on their own. For Easter, they are sporting a few bright-pastel mercury glass eggs and a very egg-y wreath.

The vintage folk art metal and glass bird is sporting some bunny ears from the kids' Halloween costume from some many years past. . . .

Does he look happy to you? I just don't know. . .

On the step is a big ol' jar filled with porcelain robin's eggs and topped with some 'cracked' eggs filled with spring colored candles. Wrapped in a raffia bow with a couple of fuzzy chicks among the eggs and it makes me smile every time I pass. Which happens to be a lot in this big ol' tall and skinny house.

No matter how you decorate for it, no matter how you celebrate it - enjoy your Easter weekend. Enjoy Spring!!!!

Have an Easter-kind of Day,

Robin Z

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