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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Somewhat Nutty. . . Definitely Squirrely

Minding my own business the other morning. . . Grabbed a latte and walked to the ksyardbird Studio (okay - that was what, a total of about 2 dozen steps to the second floor of my home - LOL!), opened the blinds to my favorite window that overlooks the backyard with the most squirrel infested tree in the neighborhood. I look out to see what my nutty fiendish friends are up to and. . . .

It had rained the night before - but had there been that much wind? I mean, walnut trees do 'shed' leaves on odd occasions. . . but, seriously, this was a bit much. What's going on? I headed outside to take a closer look.

Hmmmm. . . . Gotta be squirrels. Somenutty got busy and built a nest overnight - apparently. I looked up to see if I could spy it 

I could - but the camera couldn't quite 'grab it' so I can't really share it with you. BUT (don't be disappointed) I did snap a couple pics of the other two squirrel nests in our trees.

See that 'pile' of dead leaves waaaay uuup theeeeere? Yeah - talk about high-rise, eh? Bet there's a good breeze too. WOW!!! This one seems a bit more logical (and sturdy) to me

See it there in the 'crook' of the tree? There's it's tenant on the branch next to it. Let's get a closer look

A little camera shy, eh?  They don't seem to mind near as much when I snap from inside the Studio. And as there were Treasures waiting for me on the Creation Station, inside I went. . . then promptly got distracted again by this guy hanging upside down. Seriously? UPSIDE DOWN?!?!?!

Nibbling on walnuts, it appears. Good squirrels!! 

Those darned things fall all over the place - leaving pock marks on our porch steps, breaking pots, and just being obnoxious pebbles to trip over when walking out in the yard. Of course, I still put treats in their feeders

Which they really 'get into'. (see what I did there? With that play on words. . . to go with the pics??) 

They are polite squirrels and do share with the birds once in awhile

Though their manners seem to fail when it's time to share with each other -  spats, chasing, and stare-downs are the norm among these nutty guys.

In the end, everyone ends up with full tummies and ready for a nap

Or a game of squirrel-tag on the picnic table

There are anywhere from a couple to seven squirrels running around our trees on any given day. . . And I do wish at least ONE of them could pick up that leafy mess. . . 

Have a Nutty Kind of Day - 

Robin Z

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