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Friday, December 19, 2014

Buttoning Up Last Minute Ornaments

Got Buttons?!?! You know I do!!! Every shade of every color and nearly every size from teeny-tiny buttons for baby garments to big ol' over-sized 1960's coat buttons.

Looking for a last minute quick little gift the kiddies can help create? Look no more - I got this one buttoned up! How do these strike you?

Cute, right??

As long as you can come up with some clear glass or plastic ornaments where the top comes off,

a big ol' stash of buttons,

and bits of ribbon or fabric

 - you are good to go!

Pop the top (push the metal 'collar' while gently pulling on the metal hoop on the top. Both pieces will come off together),

put in some buttons (I decided to repurpose a snack tray and sort some buttons by color - a GREAT project for the kids!!),

replace the top and tie with a bit of ribbon

or strips of fabric.

Ready for a Christmas tree, metal ornament display tree or on pretty little glasses,

How about displaying them on a tiered cake stand?

Easy, peasy, no-stress and fun!  Call up all your friends and family and have everyone bring all their tins and boxes of buttons for some great together time fun!

Have an Ornamental kind of day -

Robin Z

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