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Monday, August 15, 2016

A Bit on Butterflies

I was feeling pretty low the other day. Just burdened with day to day worries of life, country and the world. Not even decorating a room or creating a new bracelet could touch the funk. In fact, the funk left me rather uninspired.

Looking for distraction, I gazed out the window. And there, on the patio, on the back of a chair was this:

And suddenly, for a moment. Everything was okay

and the creativity soared.

Best teeny-weeny little itty-bitty mini-mini vacay in quite a very long time.

Things getting 'heavy'? Take a moment and really look around you.

Take pleasure in the small things - and the bad things won't seem so big.

And remember -

It's Okay.

It really is OKAY.

Have an Okay-Kind-Of-Day

Robin Z

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