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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Spooky Birds

I wanted some Spooky Bird Skeletons to go with my Spooky Boos-y themed decor this year. And ended up with two of something like this:

The right skeleton. . . but I wasn't fan of the color as I tend to prefer the 'aged-white' of my ghosts upon my mantle.

Off to my beloved, fully-stocked, multi-colored spray paint shelf in my garage I went! I decided three colors would gain the Just Right effect. White (I used one that has the primer built in and is specifically for plastic - so no sanding or roughing up the surface was necessary) for the base color. Then a light coat of chiffon cream. And once all that was fully-cured, A mere misting of walnut brown. I opted to use all matte finishes, though the white could have easily been gloss with the rest of them matte for the just-right effect as well.

Face down first. Let dry according to your spray paint directions.

And the super-cool thing is, in this particular project, complete coverage is not that important. Simply toning down (significantly) of the original-golden-brown is the goal. Oh! And to ultimately match my Ghosties.

Then the front.

Once dry, a Very LIGHT spraying of the cream paint.

And no need to wait to do the 'misting' of the deep brown. Get your spray started away from the bird then breeze it 6-8 inches over the surface, not aiming the spray AT the bird, but more over and around it - just let the droplets drop like you see here. Practice on a piece of cardboard first if you're unsure of the technique.

Let dry thoroughly, add a few black feathers (but only if you want) and then. . . Spooky Birds!!!!

I had originally thought of painting the eye sockets black. And then I thought about adding some smallish black rhinestones for a bit of spooky-sparkle. I didn't have any that I thought would work in my stash, so, being a bit excited to finish my Halloween Decor, I moved on. Maybe next year!

The magic of spray paint wins again!!!!

Happy Spooky Bird Season,

Robin Z

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