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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Easy Does It. . . .

Whew! Glad to have made it through Monday. . . was such a dreary day here - hard to stay motivated to get anything done. And Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. . . let's just hope there's more sun during the next six weeks, than we've had the past six weeks.

Didn't work on the quilt last eve and it is time to get the brown and cream pieces attached to each other. This step will be quite the tedious job, I must admit. Oh! I did finally receive my long-awaited quilting foot with the attached fabric guide for Baby.
It sure does make those 1/4" seams so much easier to achieve and keep those seams consistent. Who would have guessed a tiny little slip of metal along the side of a sewing foot could make such a difference. What other fine 'foots' are out there?

My sugar container came up missing awhile ago, so I finally got busy and bought another Tupperware Modular Mate on E-bay. . . and a Banana Keeper. Yuppers - a container that protects your banana from bruising when you toss it in your bag. Can you believe it? Now, that's something to get excited about - ha!  Isn't that rather sad?  Ah well.

Hubster reheated the tater-tot casserole, from Friday night, for supper tonight - pretty tasty. We had sliced tomatoes on the side and a banana-blueberry-strawberry-apple salad sprinkled with cinnamon for dessert. Simple and good.  Then it was off to the couch and Big Fish movie. . . no motivation left in the house.  None.

A friend and her daughter will be joining us for supper tonight. We're going to re-do our Sunday dinner - chicken-veggie soup, bread sticks, and buttermilk custard pie. Should be a fun, tasty time! I'll get right on that pie later this morning and hope for better results. The pie crust has already been moved from the freezer and is now in the refrigerator thawing. If the custard filling doesn't set right this time. . . well. . . I think I'll just toss the recipe.

Have you ever had a recipe not work out? How many times did you make it before it either came out right or you gave up?  Usually I'll give a recipe a couple of tries before giving up.  I did work on an orange roll recipe repeatedly to get it 'just right' - I just knew they would be tasty and flaky if I just tweaked a little more.  And I was right!

The breadsticks are so easy, and pretty much no-fail, since we keep 'frozen dough balls' in our freezer.  Those are so amazing - I'll talk more about them tomorrow. . . Hopefully (if I get my act together) with some photos.  But check out our extra freezer.  It has nothing but frozen pie crusts, fresh corn, doughballs, and ice (can't see the ice maker and extra ice tub in this photo.  Ice - boring. . . Food - EXCITING!).  Plenty of carbs all in one place, eh?  You should see the meat freezer - ha!

Have a Tasty Tuesday!

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