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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motivated Musings and Imagination Overload

Motivation - it's grabbed.  Inspiration has taken over.  Downright obsessed, some would say.  Imagination is oozing all over the place. . . What's the cause?  New gadgets for Baby. . . beautiful fabric, nifty rubber stamps, glue pad and (gasp!) glitter, pearls, scrapbook papers, paper punches, threads. . . oh my!

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the tediousness (is that a word?) of my quilt block piecing.   But. . . after an adventure to Tulsa, OK Friday - I'm so motivated is a little frightening!  I now have all of the most tedious-of-tedious piecing done (finally!!) and am ready to put on the block borders - hooray!  I'm wanting to get this project done - not only to see the end result - but so I can move on to the next big project. 
I'm just not sure what that might be right at this minute.  So many musings are banging around in my imagination. . . not sure which one will make it out first!

To start the trip, I spent 1-1/2 hours in a craft store - not the best stocked one I've ever been in.  And the clerks certainly seemed to have better things to do than deal with customers - but it was large enough for me to certainly fill my basket with plenty of goodies and get the brain a'pumping.

I just adore all of those papers (wish some patterns were fabric, hmmmmm), and though I'm not a scrapbooker, I do have a small collection of various papers.  I like to make cards.  Nothing elaborate, but simply unique cards.  It's fun to use a different media on occasion, like a craft-vacation from hobby, I guess.  I was extra-disappointed in this store's die-cut punch collection. . . okay, it was just bad.  I mean, when our local discount store has more to choose from than a mega-hobby store, well, that's just rather messed up.  I'm still on the hunt for a couple punches to complete my latest card musing.

Regardless, the sales were good and I came home with some great papers that will work perfectly with the ideas I have. . . and some of the papers inspired  new ideas.

After coming home, I visited our discount store and picked up a few more things that will help me get a little closer to bringing the musings to life.  But back to Tulsa.  It's more fun.

Hubster & I discovered a tucked away little shopping district in inner Tulsa.  Within 'The Farm' (as it's called) was not only a cute little coffeeshop, German restaurant, (and more), but a huge fabric store and an amazing sewing store that had all of my Baby's relatives and 'fixins'-  just like a family reunion picnic, right on down to the ants.  Well. . . not quite.  I don't remember any ants. 

The people at both stores were super-friendly and helpful.  They made me wish I lived a wee-bit closer than two hours so I could go back and join in some of their classes and sewing clubs - and have easy access to more fabrics and gadgets and . . . and. . . and. . . . holy crap!

Then again, it's probably better for my budget that I don't.

Fabrics?  I've got 'em!  Another quilt idea is formulating (isn't it amazing how one glimpse of a color combination and pattern will inspire?).  I also found some lovely denim for my Big Embellished Quilt Project Idea that is harboring in the back right corner of my imagination.  Found a great source for the velvet I want, no - NEED, for the BEQPI. 

Found a super-soft flannel with cat-prints that's so much better than some fabric I had originally purchased as the backing to a quilt I need to finish (top was pieced together during a ski trip about 10 years ago).  Even bought one piece of fabric with no direct plans at all - I just had to own that color.  It was so hard to choose what should be brought home and what should be left behind.

I think it's all the color combinations that put my imagination in high gear. All the ways all these colors can work together: patterns on the paper or fabric; solid colors never before imagined; glitter in magical hues of blue, or green, or red, or whatever; shiny beads that just beg to become something more. The possibilities are like the stars - too many to count!

To make the creating a little easier - more quilting squares, a longer ruler and mat (I love this one as it is has the grid and measurements on both sides and it's a full inch larger all the way around.  I especially like the new one because it doesn't have that superglue glob in the bottom left corner) have been secured this past weekend - awesome gadgets. And the coveted impossible-to-find extension table for Baby is now owned - bought the last one in the store.  It may have even been on hold for someone else, but no one could remember who.  Lucky for me.

There are just so many things to muse and make!  I've got to go. . . it's time to get busy!  What's in your imagination clambering to get out?

Have a magical Musing kind of day ~


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