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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Buttoning Up Beautiful Treasures

So what's the current imagination-inspiration in the studio? 


A wonderful cousin-in-law (thanks Stacy!) contacted me last week raving about some button jewelry she saw at a craft show.  They sounded wonderful!  Lucky for me, she had taken a couple of photos and her daughter had even purchase one of the button rings from the artist.  Hmmm. . . good ideas!

I've used buttons in jewelry before - I prefer the irridescence of mother-of-pearl buttons - and have always been pleased with the results like this necklace in my personal collection.

But to have jewelry *focused* on buttons - well, my imagination went to work. 

As most of the attention was on rings, that's where I started.  I kept them simple as wire-working to such a scale is still a challenge for me - though I'm getting better with everything I make.  And I'm not throwing away as much damaged wire as what I used to;-) 

This Lovingly Yours Button Ring looks vintage, doesn't it?  In fact, that's not a vintage button, though its color and the floral etching certainly creates a romantic image, doesn't it?

I have a vision of taking that same idea, maybe with a larger button with no etching, and adding tiny pearl semi-precious stones, or crystal baubles on wire swirls on the button 'face.' 

The clear glass button in the I Can See You Clearly Now Button Ring is vintage.  The ring itself is quite plain - but I really like it that way.  Makes a statement without taking over the show.  What do you think?

And while pawing through my old button stash I've collected over the past 20 or so years, I noticed that I had many tiny round and square mother of pearl buttons.  Hmmm. . . I thought. . . what about this All Linked Up Mother of Pearl Button Bracelet?

I have quite a few more mother of pearl buttons, but, if I keep this creative wave going, they won't last long!  I could branch out and use some of my 'other' interesting buttons. . . it's not like I actually will run out of *all* buttons. . . ever!

Where do I 'shop' for buttons?  Well - thrift shops many times will have some great vintage clothing with the greatest buttons (and I use the fabric from the garment for my sewing projects - a win-win situation)and sometimes you can come across the most magnificent jar of buttons at flea markets.  Most of your fabric and sewing shops also carry new buttons that are vintage-inspired and quite lovely, such as the button used in the first ring. 

BTW - want to see more photos of the rings and bracelet?  Click on their names to be taken to my virtual 'ksyardbird' shop on Etsy;-)

Have a Buttoned-Up kind of day ~

Robin Z

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