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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog, I Mean Blob, by Kris

Yup.  I said 'blob.'  I seriously mean 'blob.'  That's what my friend, Kris, otherwise known as Queen of Randomness, calls her stream of conciousness missives that she shares with a select few. . . with some persuasion, I convinced her to share one of her blobs with you too!

These Blobs always make me think, make me smile, and encourage conversation about some detail she has so aptly plucked out of daily life and made it a focal point to be, well, focused on.  She has a unique take on life in the South which comes from actually living the first 20 (or so - we won't discuss precise numbers. . . ) of her life in the Midwest.

This is one made me laugh out loud - ENJOY!

So, Saturday morning I went to the chiropractor, was feeling really good, and then I went home and moved a heavy freakin’ table. My back hurt for like 3 days after that. Plus I have funky bruises on my legs from the table top. It’s a round, glass-topped table with a chrome base, so I could move it in 2 parts. The bottom wasn’t heavy, and I could just roll the tabletop down the hall… the trick was getting the top back up onto the base. I put it out on the newly screened-in porch. I have 2 wooden tables that aren’t being used to the best of their ability & so I was going to move one of them out onto the porch. However, whenever we get a really serious rainstorm, everything on the porch gets wet –so I figured a wooden table would get ruined. Glass, not so much.

You can barely see both kitties peeking through the screen. They LOVE it!

Also had my chiropractor feel my big toe. I was afraid that he would think that was a weird request, but he professionally deals with joints, and a tarsal is a joint. I think it was as far back as April – when I had that incident at the gym involving a giant kickboxing dummy coming down on my toe. Anyway my toe still hurts, but the chiropractor doesn’t think it’s broken….

Also Saturday I helped a short lady get a 2 liter bottle of Diet Sprite off the top shelf at the grocery store. She was trying to climb up the shelves like a ladder….. Tall Person to the rescue! My good deed for June. I was buying low sodium V-8.

I made a hat. Never made a hat before. Pretty darn impressed with myself. I must now make MORE hats. Started a new afghan, too. Hey, there are things worse than crocheting to which I could be addicted.

I think I am going to try to be more ambidexterous. I believe I’m already becoming dyslexic. If I were a dyslexic atheist, I wouldn’t believe there is a Dog.


Burned the roof of my mouth on super-hot (Boboli) pizza over the weekend and it is just now starting to feel better. Also, thanks to dry skin, etc., my lip has split open. Have put Neosporin on it the last couple of nights before going to sleep, & that seems to have helped.

I have been remembering to take my vitamins!

Have been craving trail mix lately. Mixed nuts, granola, that type of thing. Must be vitamin-deficient in some area. Finally remembered to buy some. Bought 2 different varieties of trail mix & combined them.

Washed a red tee-shirt in with my bath towels, and now all the towels have big pink splotches.

It kind of makes me sad how easily I can spend $45 at the dollar store…..

I bought some new lipstick called “Midnight Mauve,” but to me it does not look like what I would think “Midnight Mauve” would look like. To me, this lipstick looks like it should be called “OMG! I AM GOING TO KISS YOU WITH MY FREAKY CLOWN FACE!”

I’m going to install a Les Nessman door on my cubicle at work. Also I have been bogarting the 3-hole punch.

Words I’ve encountered at work today which sound funny taken out of context: Nipple, waste discharge, butt splice, grab rod, tube shipping, coupling.


See?  What'd I tell you?  Random and funny!  And aren't her kitties awesome?  Let me know if you'd like to see more of Kris' Blobs on ksyardbird.

Have a Random kind of day ~

Robin Z

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