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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Falling in Love with Fall

Well. . . not me.  Not really.  And not quite.  BUT - Fall *is* better than winter:-)  There is no doubt about it!  Especially when we have a gorgeous evening like this one ~

Hubster and I loaded up Wonder-Vizsla #1 (Zayda)

and Wonder-Vizsla #2 (Jaz)

and spent an evening at our local Elks Lodge Lake just north of town. 

The Wonder-Vizslas were excited to do some fetching. . . and getting wet!  The anticipation was dog-gone nearly unbearable

 And the dog-paddle was employed

Yes.  That's Zayda in the lead.  She'll get to that dummy first. . . I don't mean Hubster.  And no, not talking about Jaz - that's the thing-y floating out there in the water.  I don't know why it's called a dummy (can get confusing) . . . but who's that coming back with the dummy?  Is that Jaz?!?!?  How'd that happen?

It certainly has nothing to do with the splash of the dive into the water

What a gorgeous evening

Beautiful, darling - simply beautiful. 

Yes Jaz, we'll be back.

I wish you had been there with us.  Maybe next time?  The dogs will be ready!

Have a Dog-gone kind of day ~

Robin Z

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