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Friday, September 10, 2010

Treasure Trove of Creations!

I am participating in Artist Alley in exactly 15 days.  This will be my first time of actually taking my 'Creative Muddle' public.  Oh sure, I have my ksyardbird on Etsy and friends and family loving digging through my 'treasure chest' of creations to make one or two (or three or four) their own - but I've never actually gone public with my treasures.

The upside is that my creativity is evidently fed by this nervousness.  Quartz and prehnite and pearls and turquoise and aragonite and garnets . . . and sparkle and shine and BLING! Check these pretties out!

Three colors of quartz.

Prehnite and copper earrings and multi-colored quartz bracelet.

A lovely button ring and aragonite and aquamarine earrings.

Sea opal and quartz.

More sea opal and quartz

Lovely, lovely crazy horse stone beads and two varieties of turquoise

Love that turquoise with the crazy horse stone beads

Wear this one long. . . or doubled up close - cool!  Aragonite drops, lemon smoky quartz, and cultured pearls.

Isn't this aragonite awesome!

Aragonite, large cultured pearls and small crystal-pearls.

This time in a bracelet and another pair of earrings!

Oo-la-la!  Garnet, cultured pearls, and lemon-smoky quartz.  Wear the necklace long, or wear it wrapped.  And, BTW, it clasps in the front. . . pretty!  A bracelet to match it on the board waiting to be strung.

And here's a wee-hint. . . you won't be finding these in my Etsy shop.  You've got to come see me at Artist Alley for these lovely treasures!  Or, since you're reading this, you can contact me for more info:-)

I gotta go!  Inspiration is hot-hot-hot!

Have a Sparkly kind of day ~

Robin Z

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