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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Suffering from The Worst Head Cold Ever

Things I've learned while suffering from a stuffy nose. . . coughs. . . headache. . . chills. . . . laryngitis. . . sneezes. . . basically The Worst Head Cold Ever.

Your juice glass is *always* empty - until you spill it. . . .

All the best stuff is on television when you're too busy to watch it - there's nothing on when there's nothing you want to do but lay on the couch and watch TV.

The tissue box *always* has just one more. . . until you really-really need one.

People are eager to take care of you. . . until you actually need to be taken care of OR 24 hours have passed - whichever comes first.

A nap is not always just a pillow away. 

And the phone *always* rings just as you finally drift off to sleep.

If anyone, who has come in contact with you within the last month, - either by phone, e-mail, or actually touching you - comes down with the sniffles, it is, of course, Your fault.

There is no successful way to type in a 'whisper', though you can type in a YELL.

And though the average length of the common cold is 7-10 days - it seems much-much longer than that!

And no one's 'Sure - Cure' for the common cold actually works.   Not even mentholatum on your feet (admit it - you've tried it).  Though a shot of whiskey in hot tea does make you care a lot less about how you feel. . . or is that a shot of tea in your whiskey?  Hmmmmm. . . .

Have a symptom-free kind of day ~

Robin Z

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