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Friday, October 29, 2010

Boo! That's right. I said Boo!

I know. . . the title's not very original, but. . . well. . . BOO!

So while we're on the subject of Halloween - how do you decorate?  Do you set pumpkins out on the front porch?  Take cardboard bats in your window? Wear a scary costume to hand out candy? Or really decorate your house in the 'haunted' style?

I don't do much decorating here (what do you think of my 'Boo Bell?) - and most of what I do, generally, leads me into the rest of the holiday season. . . The mums and pumpkins and veggie-kind of things will hang around through Thanksgiving and the candles in the windows will stay put until after Christmas.  The bats and witches?  Well, off they go as soon as Halloween is over - packed up nice and tidy.

So, starting on the front porch. . . too bad my Mums in the Pumpkins got rained on and collapsed.  I will try again next year but will keep them DRY! But I think the buckets look pretty cute too:-)

See those cute little fabric trick or treat pumpkins hanging from above?  I have little battery operated tea-light candles in them that make them glow.  Pretty cool!

Around the side of the house is this funny little porch that we don't use because, well, that door just isn't very convenient.  Lucky for me, though, it gives me an extra place to show off some of my treasures.  Now, I know it's kind of hard to see, but there on the chair is a wire 'skeleton' of a pumpkin.  Once again, there's a battery operated candle in there so it really glows at night.

Usually I set my Wire Witch with the Wire Pumpkin, but this year I thought she looked pretty cute (really?  a cute witch?  I guess it could happen) on the steps between some flower pots.

On the table on the porch I have the coolest metal pumpkin with scroll cut outs that I bought from Debi at the Feathered Nest.  I strung a 20-light Christmas light strand in there (no batter operated lights for this one) for a GREAT glow.  So pretty!

C'mon inside, my pretties. . . Like that wreath on the door?  The greenery stays up year round and I have smaller seasonal wreaths that I put inside.  Sometimes I'll add things to the green wreath too.  I'll probably tuck some Autumn leaves in the wreath as I find some nifty ones. . . Oaks and maples are good ones!

And there's witch #2 with her interesting 'sea-green' pumpkin and a small metal one with little star cut-outs. . . yes, of course, there's a battery operated candle inside the metal one:-)

Some nifty little pumpkins (with a bit of glitter) on the coffee table next to that cool lantern from Missy at Celebrating Home with (yes - you guessed it) another battery operated candle.  You're pretty smart!

Ah, then there's the dining room.  I don't get too 'crazy' in here. . . but I like to add little touches. 

The centerpiece on the table.

And a more utilitarian Autumn look on the bar.

And what about the witch's hat among the candles on the 'sideboard'?

I must also admit, I wanted black candles (and just haven't found any that I particularly like yet) and I just bought the niftiest fall-colored candle rings too. Daughter will be shipping those (hopefully soon) from the Winfield House in Lawrence, KS. And how about a spooky raven in the case? How cool will that look? Next year. . .there's always next year.

But what about outside???  Well. . . .

Real looking (yup.  battery operated) flickering candles in the windows. . . complete with bats!

Even the ksyardbird studio gets in on the decorations. . . here is a look at some of the bats from the inside.

And the cutest little ' eek!' decoration Miss Kathy made for me (Thank You Kathy!!!  I LOVE it!) that I have hanging above my desk.

And then there's my all year long scary (ha!) Halloween kitty, Fritzie. . . .

I think her eyes look especially spooky in this photo. . . Not to mention, she's NOT supposed to be standing on top of the button tin. . .

Would love to see some photos of your decorations - hint.  hint.  hint.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween kind of day (and weekend!)

Robin Z

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