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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remembering Great-Steve Z

This is my Great-Steve.

See him there on the back left?  He was my Grandpa Fred's (on the back right) brother - that would be my Dad's Dad.  That's their sister Rose in the middle.  She used to raise rabbits.   And there's their brother Wilbert on the front right.  He used to have a liquor store. 

 Ah. . . and don't Great-Grandpa Wilbur and Great-Grandma Emma look well. . . put out?  It's an old photo.  Why do people generally look grouchy in old photos?  Anyway - these are the Czechoslavakian folks who gave me my 'Z' that I use so proudly.

Great-Steve and Wilbert as wee-ones.  Hard to think that Great-Steve grew to be a WW II veteran and hearty farmer.   He never married, didn't have children, and never left his birthplace.

That's my Aunt Shirley Great-Steve is holding.  My Dad was still just a twinkle in Grandpa Fred's eye at this point.

Great-Steve passed away last week - one week before his 92nd Birthday.  He's the last out of  that generation and there's only two left of my Dad's generation.   And a bare handful of my generation.   What a grand era of  'Z'. 

Good-bye Great-Steve.

Have a Memorable Day ~

Robin Z

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