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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet as Sugar Arts & Crafts

What a grand Saturday it was!  A perfect dayfor being outside enjoying an Arts and Crafts Festival.

Friend Carrie and I traveled an hour northeast for the wonderful Sugar Mound Arts and Crafts Festival - and did we have some kind of fun!

It was a gorgeous Autumn day - a little cool when we left at 8 a.m. - but warmed up to 'upper-lip-glistening' by lunchtime, and 'give-me-extra-ice-in-my-soda' hot by the time we left at 3 p.m.

We were in a long line of cars waiting to park once hitting the city limits of Mound City, KS.

But, over the creek we went

The view to our right. . . .

And to our left. . .

A little patience and maneuvering. . .

And we were finally part of the crowd!

I did not carry my camera into the festival and did not take any pics with my phone out of respect for the vendors and their creations.  But. . . I can show you what I came home with.  Oh!  Darn it!  I don't have pictures of Carrie's treasures. . . I'll have to share those another day.

Aren't these the cutest little fabric birdies?!?! 

OH my!  I so fell in love with artisans Tricia Culbertson & Janet Bruce-Kelsy of Maggie Rose Needle Co. and EVERYTHING in their booth - even their display items. . . They have promised to e-mail me some photos of what they offer - I'll be sure to share them here and tell you more about these two lovely ladies.

This birdie on an old industrial spool is too pretty for a pin cushion!

 Of course, more birds. . .

I look for Stonebridge Garden every year - the artist's concrete art is simply unsurpassed!  The finishes she uses and patinas she applies are so incredible.  I have two of her bunnies, a turtle, another bird, and the most gorgeous goose that lives on the bottom over-sized step of our stair case.  Incredible!  She's located in Oswego, KS and travels to quite a few craft fairs in the area - be sure to look for her!  Or call her at 620-423-5727 to see her creations in person.

Another vendor I frequent has the most fabulous birdhouses.  His wife designs them, he cuts the wood and assembles them, then she embellishes and paints them.  This is my third (and largest, as well as most elaborate) birdhouse from Carol's Bird Houses.

Carrie and I both purchased some yummies from Holmes Made Salsa too. . . She came home with a cherry-pie tasting fruit spread (wishing I would have gotten one too.  Tasted just like cherry pie), I opted for the peach-habanero jam (that's pretty hot - folks!  And addictive. . . ) and a peach-mango salsa that's simply divine!

This cute little 'polka-dotted' clay cup had to come home with me,

As did this beautiful wood and carved mother-of-pearl ring from Bali Aga.

The potpouri you see kind of peeking in the background behind the ring came from Julie's Clay Creations. . . I get a bag every year - it smells so good!  This year my pick was 'Harvest' with a sweet cinnamon fragrance. 

Then we met these two lovely ladies of All Things Girly who make the cutest little magnetic bottle-cap styled jewelry.

We had a lovely-lovely conversation and I'm excited for them to send me more about 'their story' and photos of their creations.  I can't wait for you to 'meet' Barbara Baugher and Kara Martin of Fort Scott, KS:-)  They are planning on setting up a shop on Etsy in the very near future. . .

And, pretty much our last stop of the day, the Cowgirls Recollection booth where I found a nifty box.  I LOVE boxes. . . esp. cool, old boxes.

Carrie and I were not quite sure what a 'myriagraph' was - but I *liked* the box!  I've researched it and don't really come up with much in the way of answers.  The trademark was active from 1952 - 1994 and, I guess this may have had something to do with printing, which would explain the red ink stains in the bottom. . . I just don't know.  I'm planning on making a black velevet insert for it and using it as a ring display case!

We looked at jewelry, and furniture, and metal yard art, and glass, and quilts, and unique lights, and ate dip samples and festival food and. . . .  over the course of 5-1/2 hours, we had looked at over 500 boths and visited with dozens of artisans and vendors. . . we were ready to venture home.

Such a wonderful day!

I can't wait until next year!

Have an Artsy kind of day ~

Robin Z

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