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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simply Squashed. . .

So, more obviously than apparently, rain and my Mums in Pumpkins do *NOT* work together. Note to self - move pumpkins out of way of incoming rain.

This next picture may be disturbing to those with sensitive demeanors - but I felt compelled to share with you the pumpkin's enemy.

That's some collection of mold, isn't it? Anyone out there need specimen for a science project??

It's truly too bad that I didn't think of the rain's potential 'anger' against my pretty Pumpkin-pots without having to throw one of the pumpkins away (but not the chrysanthemum - thank goodness!) and before any pumpkins had to suffer.

I put the orphaned mum in a galvanized bucket and will put the other mum back into its pumpkin (hopefully) tomorrow.

Today the lone pumpkin is hanging out on a wicker chair enjoying the breeze and some sun. . .

Yes, those 'warts' on the outside of this one are supposed to be there! It's a Warty Pumpkin:-)

It is a good idea to keep the pumpkins safe from moisture such as rain or snow - but DO water the plant inside! Just make sure excess water doesn't get into the cavity of your pumpkin.

I may just have to buy another pumpkin when I head to the store for some milk tonight. . . Hmmm. . . maybe not.

Have a Dry kind of day ~

Robin Z

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