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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday SURPRISE Blog - Mojitos :-)


Nephew B. first introduced us to the deliciously refreshing limey-minty Mojito.  In honor of, what's sure to be, a great weekend for cocktails, here's our fave Mojito recipe - as demonstrated by Hubster.

And how about our mint plant? 

Right on my back patio - it did very well this year:-) Now, to be able to grow my own lime tree. . . . but, until that happens, I'll just keep buying the limes at the store. You can find peppermint in most grocery stores too.


80 fresh mint leaves
4 limes, quartered
1 cup white sugar
1-1/2 cups white rum
4 cups club soda

Remove mint leaves from stems and place into a sturdy (preferably metal) bowl.  Crush with a muddler. 

Pour white rum into pitcher, add muddled mint leaves and sugar.  Blend until sugar is dissolved.  

Quarter the limes

Squeeze lime juice into pitcher along with the squeezed lime pieces.

Add club soda to pitcher and gently stir. . .

Stir in the ice. . . .

Serve immediately over ice-filled glass (do not strain).   Hubster and I have also talked about mixing up the base (mint leaves, rum, lime juice, sugar) in one container, then combining with ice and club soda in each individual glass.  It would prevent the ice from diluting the pitcher of mojitos and the club soda from losing its fizz.  But, for now, we'll just stick with putting it all in the same pitcher. . .

Makes 8 servings which is NOT nearly enough!  But if you're needing a smaller batch (say it isn't so!) feel free to half the recipe. . . It's still just as tasty.  I promise. 

Have a Mojito of weekend ~

Robin Z

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