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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Hour To Make The Bed???

Yup. . . and a great example of why, as my dear Hubster is known to say, it takes me an hour to do anything.

While making my bed this morning, I realize that I needed the pillow shams that were recently washed. 

So off I went to the basement to retrieve them from the top of the dryer.

While there, I noticed the kitty box needed to be cleaned.

Which also included taking the trash upstairs and out to the alley.

On my way down the back porch, I realized that the flowers and veggies needed water.

Which then lead to filling the bird feeders with seed

and refilling the oriole/hummingbird feeder.

But I needed to make fresh syrup for the hummingbird feeder first.

Hummingbird Syrup

4 parts water
1 part sugar

Using microwave safe bowl or measuring cup, bring water to boil in microwave.  Carefully remove hot water and stir in sugar.  Allow syrup to cool to room temperature before pouring into hummingbird feeder.  Store any leftover syrup in covered jar for up to two weeks.

Then, and only then, was I able to make my way back upstairs to our second floor bedroom and finish making the bed.

It only took me one hour:-)  Seriously.

Have a Timely kind of day ~

Robin Z

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