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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling a Little Like Squirrel Bait?

Is it Monday?  Is it Tuesday?  Not to be corny, but it's just all kinda nutty today. . . and look what corn and nuts attract in my yard. . .

The wooden box feeders with the hinged lid and perch are my favorite squirrel feeders.  I've had the one on the left for several years and just came across the one on the right a few weeks ago.  It's my favorite as it holds quite a bit of 'nutty-stuff' and doesn't have to be refilled as often.

The old colander in the hanging basket frame is my own creation. . . I keep squirrel food in it, but also stale bread, chips, crackers, and fruit chunks for the birds.  The critters love it and there's always a visitor perched on its edge.

This one's kind of hard to see. . . but he was rooting around in my flower bed then emerged with a walnut that he must have buried last fall.  We have two big old walnut trees in the backyard which keeps the squirrels quite busy!

Have a Squirrel-ly kind of day~

Robin Z

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