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Friday, September 16, 2011

Ring Around the Button

Rings on your Fingers and Buttons on your Toes. . . wait. . .that's not quite it.  Button, button, who's got the button?

What is it about old glass buttons?  Their colors? Their shapes? Their tiny details? The hint of history when you see them?  Of fashion and lifestyles gone by?

YES!  To all of it!  So it's one thing to have a lovely container of vintage buttons - but I wanted some way to show them off. . . and, one day, Miss Stacy said . . . how about rings?  And there you have it -pretty antique button turned classic jewelry:-)

All different sizes, and colors, and designs. . .

Buttons creatively and industriously wrapped with wire. . . all different colors of wire to go with all of the different colors of buttons - no glue, just wire.

I have 100's of vintage glass and mother of pearl buttons and each and every one of them is a little work of art.

I remember playing with Great-Grandma Clara's big ol' tin of buttons as a child. There were odd-shaped wooden ones, interesting plastic ones, shimmery mother of pearl ones, some had rhinestones, but, my favorite were always the glass ones!

One of my favorite things to do with the buttons was to sort them. . . by color, or size, or what they were made of.  Or line them all up ranked by which one I liked best to the little pile of ones that I didn't like as much.

I LOVE it when someone sees one of my rings, their face lights up, they try it on, and they just beam. . .something about that button has pushed their button.  They see what I see:-)

Have a buttoned up kind of day ~

Robin Z

P.S.  Didn't get enough of the button rings?  Check out ksyardbird's Facebook photo albums and Etsy shop.


  1. LOVE them all!!! You taking those to Artist Alley?

  2. Thank you Tara!

    Oh yes! All available rings will be going to Artist Alley with me. . . though I've already sold a couple;-) Keep a watch on Facebook for more jewelry treasures! Wish you'd be able to make it - is sure to be a good time this year.